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Please, i don't want your comment if you will be angry

There is a lot of talk about (God) the Creator of the universe
do not you think that we are taking (gods) Less than alleged God???

belfodil 6 Oct 2

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Do you mean: If the universe had a creator, is it more likely that there were several such creators than that there was just one?

If that is what you are asking, it is a possible question for the philosophy group, but most of us don't believe a creator was necessary, so we don't find the question very interesting.

You appear to come from a muslim background. I would be more interested to hear from you what it is like to question religion in your circumstances.

i am so pleased to you my esteemed lady


i'm not angry but i think your post is total nonsense.



LOL (That's Laugh Out Loud) the opposite of angry. . .

On these pages I can not remember anybody talking about your your definition of god, or gods as most (not all) here are aware of the burden of proof and recognize, like the equally (not) supported by facts positive assertion (there is a fairy god mother) the positive god/s assertion has yet to be demonstrated and is a claim that lacks merit.

Most discussion here is in reference to the lack of evidence for a god or gods. . One god not being demonstrated or many gods not being demonstrated. What difference does it make?

To assert "There is a lot of talk about (God) the Creator of the universe" is similar to noticing there is a lot of talk about Cthulhu [] I site Cthulhu as I have encountered and/or posted this mythos as I have encoutered this equally fact free assertion of your god/gods mythos in these pages.


I'm not sure what you mean.

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