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Do you realize how many wealthy feel that they exist above the law? They gain their wealth by using and making loop holes to avoid taxes and their fair share but demand that infrastructure be completed to advance their businesses.

Marine 8 Oct 3

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They harp about entitlements which are almost nothing compared to their wealth yet they strive to even eliminate these which I do not consider an entitlement.


Wonder if the rich taste like chicken? There’s many more of us than them. We might get to find out!
That said, they are the worst hypocrites. Almost as bad as Libertarians.


Yep! Do you realize the average American doesn't care, as long as they can get drunk, take prescription pills, and have a democratic choice between contestants on The Voice or American Idol.


very true. Pretty soon not only the wealthy will take control but the church (tax the church?)


Yes unfortunately and we need to reign them in and disavow them of this notion by whatever means neccesary. Their offenses are too numerous and harmful to human civilization as it is.


"Entitlements"? Wasn't there a case of homicide in Texas a few years ago,but the young Man got minimum jail time due to his family's wealth?


I would not be surprised that trumper and his family all fall into this description. I am positive that if the IRS looked further into many wealthy tax reports we could eliminate the debt.

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