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Any other writers out there?

What do you write about? What is your favorite genera to write? Want to trade shorts or flash fiction?

jayneonacobb 7 Jan 29

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I'm a writer and an editor. I really like dark romance and taboo. I don't have any shorts to trade right now, though.


I have been working on a fantasy novel for five years. I hope to finish this year. If only I could quit rewriting😉


I am. Not a 'real' writer, though. Just a sci-fi novel self published on Amazon Kindle. I only have one up, but two more are being worked on. Look up Saint Ravener if you want to buy some cheap, digital sci-fi (digital seems apropriate for sci-fi)

PM me a link and I'll buy a copy on payday.


I'd be surprised if there weren't lots of us here. Myself, song is my favorite artform since I was 13, but I've done 5 humor novels, lots of psuedo-academic essays, and poetry, but who doesn't write poetry?


I like writing but I'm incredibly shy about my work. I've attempted NaNoWriMo every year since 2015 and usually meet the fifty thousand word threshold. However I've never completed a novel. I write in multiple genres but love writing Fantasy.


I write fantasy.

62000 word (short) allegorical fantasy already in print. ('The Green Eyed Girl' )

221000 word (long) epic fantasy (book one of a two book tale) will be published soon. ('Playground of the Vain - Book One, The Dwarf War' )

I'll have to go buy them.

Well ... the allegorical fantasy is available through Amazon. Do a search 'Green Eyed Girl J W Chew' and you should find it - cover pic a face of a dark haired girl with green eyes.

Green Eyes is not actually a great book, to be brutally honest. I got it published as an experiment. Playground is the one that really matters.


I'm a fellow writer. I write mostly Science Fiction. In my current novel I'm working on. It's about a recovery specialist sent to collect a cunning rogue agent in a galaxy in ruin.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

Love the premise! Have you ever hear of escape pod sci-go podcast? Lots of similar vein sci-fi.


I used to think so.

Now it scares me. It all seems too transparent, shares too many of my inner thoughts.

Writing is a healthy outlet. I say keep writing, you may surprise yourself.

@jayneonacobb I've discovered this site and email are doing me pretty well.

I get you there, I'm appreciative of this outlet as well.

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