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If the Christian god existed, would he have created time?

My morning coffee has kicked up three answers in my head:

Firstly, god could've existed in time, with there being an infinite span of time before he created everything else with none but himself to motivate himself to decide on doing anything.

Next, god might've created time with everything else, in which case god somehow changed what it was or was not doing over no span of time.

Or lastly, god might just BE time, like some pagan father time or something. I can't even posit a guess as to what that would or would not allow.

Any thoughts?

Sheitelhau 5 Jan 30

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If God existed, it follows that everything, including time was created. If he doesn't exist, time still does.

Time only moves in one direction that we perceive, regardless of Daylight Savings. We have no way to restore the universe to an earlier state, although we can observe that earlier state by moving farther away, we can't change what happened.


If you are a christian, then of course it invented time. It created everything.

What I usually ask christians is what the hell was he doing before he created life, the universe and everything?

Was he playing scrabble with Zues for eternity? Remember he was around for eternity before he made us - were we a way to relieve his boredom? Maybe he just had wind and we were an accident.

He certainly had enough time to make a better job than he did. 😉

I'm just an atheist musing over my coffee. Living in a Catholic household kicks up thoughts on god every once in a while.

The thought floating through my head is the question you pose yourself.

@Sheitelhau We may not know the answers, but please keep asking the questions!



godef Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

Time is part of the package. Time/space exist as one unit, so of course he would have to create time. Since time/space are the same thing, then God must be part of that. He/She/It cannot live outside of that.


un the bigger picture there is no time.24 hours a day is peculiar to the earth and dates are religion based or THE milestone we use to know where we are as humans. all other life uses night and day or seasons.

I agree that days and hours are arbitrary measurements, but I don't think that means time is arbitrary. In an abstract sense, time is a field on which change happens, regardless of direction. Insofar as the existence of such a thing, a particular being's perception of time is inconsequential, as time is an abstract form.

I think the comparison of a god and time is interesting, as the theistic seem to refer to their god as both a form and material.

I completely agree


I would say that time would have began when God did. If there is no beginning of god, then time must be infinant. Existence requires the passing of time. Meaning anything that exists must at minimum occupy a space in time. Even thoughts are dependent upon time.


well according to the bible god created everything in six days and rested on the seventh. But I do not recall it written anywhere that it was a 24 hour day. No God would not have created time. That was created by man.

your right ajr


Time keeps everything from happening at once .

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