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LINK Woman tied to Patriot Movement AZ gets plea deal with no jail time in Arizona mosque case | Southern Poverty Law Center

Clearly these ladies don't believe in 'Love Thy (Muslim) Neighbor'... And they didn't get any jail time as part of a plea deal.

DGJ0114 7 Oct 8

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The Southern Poverty Law Center has no credence with me. They labeled the atheist-apostate Ayan Hirsi Ali and the Islamic reformer Maajid Nawaz (still a Muslim) 'Anti-Muslim Extremists!' Are you kidding me? They finally settled with Nawaz, earlier this year. The Southern Poverty Law Center appears to be striving to outdo the ACLU, and in so doing, without good evidence. Which is unfortunate, since they are attorneys. This organization is worthy of our contempt, in my opinion.

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