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For those who have been here for a while. How successful is this app?

Hermnasty 3 Jan 30

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I've found it very good for what I signed up for (community). As others pointed out, it's a website, not an app. As a dating site, I can't speak to that. I'd say that THAT would be up to you and suggest that you that fill out your bio and answer profile questions and have an active presence onsite. But you do whatev. Geeze.


I can tell you this pay attention read and interact, like a healthy forum do not rush. I would bet in time something will surface for you.


I agree with most, great forum site, great caliber of members, but not sure how successfully the dating side is. I guess when your majority members are skeptical, we tend to be a bit more wary than most.


Stand a much better chance of being effective if you provide some information about yourself. There's nothing on your bio. Write one. Make some posts. See what happens.


Good for community and learning a lot of different things.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

It depends how smart you want to be.... I have gained some knowledge I didn't have to go look up.

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