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Pain will leave you, when you let go.

—Jeremy Aldana

Wildgreens 7 Jan 30

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It depends entirely on the type of pain..physical pain can be controlled with drugs. Mental and emotional pain/scarring can take years..depending on the trauma involved and the individuals willingness to confront that trauma.


If we are speaking of emotional trauma there is actually a tool that may be used for a release of the knotted energy, That is simply forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean you withhold consequence or that you condone. It does not put you in a disadvantageous position where reoccurrence is available. It is the cessation of anger and the bestowment of love. Love itself doesn't even condone, and it is far from necessarily naive as you may be in the full position of knowledge without expectation and give it even to the depraved, as loving-kindness should be given to the world with no strings attached. We must recognize that those that have transgressed us are usually communicating their pain or discontent. The first step is to attempt to understand, understand does not necessarily not condone either, and then with that understanding, forgiveness -even if it is derived from pity- is readily available, which may blossom into that bestowment of love. With this act, trauma may diffuse into that new warmth of space you've created in your being.


I would very willingly let the pain go, but it is not choosing to go.

My Physical Therapist is making me make more and assuring me the pain in my knee will flee from the pain she is making me inflict.


Acceptance of suffering does lessen percieved pain and is measurable as a reduction in the amount of cortisol released...etc... So yeah, kinda.


Yeah, why not?


I know jedi mind tricks and can cut myself and keep going never bothers me. Turn the wrong way, my jedi mind does not work on the arthritis in my back.


Indeed...for most "normal" people...but some just can't let go. An old friend who spent the last years of his life in a wheelchair used to say..."what's normal"? as he looked down at his body that was crippled by arthritis.


Just call the number on your screen and give Mastercard Visa AMEX DISCOVER or make your last will and testament to Jeremy Aldana


I think that’s facetious

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