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Just wondering what people studied in school/college and if that played a role in confirming or converting you to a non believer?

DJB371 4 Jan 31

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No, I "started young," and my educational background is in English, Gender Studies, and Critical Theory.


Became non-believer in my teens after 10 yrs Jewish Sunday School. In college majored in Sociology. Course load included Social Theories, Marriage and the Family and Cultural Anthropology.


No role I was already vested in elementary school.


My intro to anthropology class and the professor in particular,were really influential to me. I'd been raised in a religious setting and the concept that "bad thoughts" were natural and universal to humanity blew my mind. It's when I finally got that what you DO is what matters not the urges and thoughts that come and go. Thanks professor Buenonno,wherever you are.


School had little or nothing to do with my knowing I wasn't a believer. I was 6 when I woke up in a hospital without knowing who I was, however, I retained all factual knowledge that I had acquired. I woke up one night to hear the hospital chaplain talking to the kid in the bed next to me. I ignored her until she came over and started talking to me. After a short conversation, I buzzed the nurse station since I thought the lady was nuts. Thankfully, the nurse that came to remove her was also a non-believer who explained that I was just introduced to religion and there was a good chance that my parents would have the same beliefs to which, she was right. Thankfully, they weren't overtly religious and my mother only made me go to a handful of their hateful cult readings. I made sure to complain and state I didn't follow or understand and didn't think it was ever going to be possible for me to do so. It wasn't until I was 12 that I would dedicate any time to understanding Christianity, but only as I met one of those private school girls. Based on something I read, I decided it was time to read the Book of Joshua. Reading irrational garbage confirmed that I have no interest in following any cults.


The extremely wide diversity made me realize that it couldn't be that only one group was right. That'd mean 90+% of us are wrong? Nah. The other conclusion is that they're all wrong. And right. That has worked out better for me.


I studied a mixture up until 16yo and then chose 3 sciences at advanced level to 18yo, That was mainly as a result of having great science teachers at my school but also the support of my parents who had never pushed any religion on me and had always encouraged my curiosity by buying me good books to read.

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