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I'm working on a modern folk set list for a recurring local bar gig. I need about 12 songs all together, so far I have A Team, Riptide, I Don't Know My Name, Wagon Wheel, Wonder Wall, and Hey There Delilah. Thats enough for the first gig, but I need some suggestions for other songs. If anyone has some suggestions I'd really appreciate it. The bar is pretty hipster, hence the choice of music. Thanks for the input!

jayneonacobb 7 Jan 31

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"Down by the Water" by the Decemberists is fun to play.


Check out Tyler Childers. I play his Hard Times at open mic. I also play Everybody Knows by Ryan Adams, Blue Spotted Tai by Fleet Foxes, Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell, New Madrid by Jeff Tweedy. Not a lot of people know these songs but they usually go over pretty good. Incidentally, I see your from Fryeburg. Where is this bar and what night do you play? I don't live far from there. Oh, how about this one.


You need some John Prine

John prine .... Funny .... I hear he met a gal from Venus...


Do a tv theme song (like Beverly Hillbillies) and have the audience sing along!

I was thinking about doing the firefly theme, or the hero of canton song. I don't think many people would get it though.

The Budweiser Beer sing a long not karaoke a big screen for everyone to see lyrics. ...In 1814 we took a little trip down the Miss IS sip we fired our guns but the British kept a comin


yes not modern but 16 Tons and Big Bad John


The band "Lord Huron" has some really good stuff as do the "lumineers".


Joni Mitchell

EMC2 Level 8 Jan 31, 2018

I wanna hear JayneonaCobb sing Joni

@btroje I played A Case of You at an open mic last Sunday but luckily a lady friend sang it, lol


Maybe something from the indigo girls (like "Closer to Fine). 🙂


these are songs that my friend performs on ukulele and work pretty well and kind of folky; price tag- Jessie J landslide- Dixie chicks, zombie -the cranberries, soul sister- train, Float on- Modest Mouse, Apple Blossom the white stripes. Given the site, you might try Take Me to Church -Hozier

catem Level 1 Jan 31, 2018

I can think of plenty - but mostly from British artists that your clientele have probably never heard of.

And I'm sure there are a lot of great acoustic artists over there which I've never heard of too.

I want names (not Oasis)

Mortal Tides and Christy Moore are pretty current and heading back to the 70s and 80's Lindisfarne


Just pick some songs you love and folk-ify them. Here is an example.


You should do a tribute song to the Cranberries since they recently lost their lead singer. That would probably be "Linger" or "Zombie." Chumbawumba's "I get knocked down" is always good..
Len's "If you steal my sunshine" is peppy. Moby's "Southside" if you like a challenge. Blind Melon's bee girl song..."No rain" ...

If you could somehow make Childish Gambino's Redbone work in this style- I would buy a copy from you- even if it doesn't fit this list.


Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway is a favorite.

One I recently stumbled onto Imagine Dragons "demons". Capo 5th fret.....g,d,em,c ....add some fills

twill Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

Ben Maccallouh by Steve Earl, Undone by Robert Earl Keen, Sunday Morning Coming Down by Johnny Cash.

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