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How do I know the time a post was made? Which is newer? the top of the list or the bottom? I am having difficulty figuring out who is responding to whom?

Dick_Martin 7 Jan 31

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I see some posts go to bottom and some posts at top of 'thread'...that would be good to know, as to why?


To add to what RobCampbell said, some posts automatically default to "most likes" if the post is active, so the ones at the top are not necessarily the newest. You'll have to manually change to "Newest" or "Oldest" if you want to see the actual order of posting. That option is offered just above the comment section.

@VictoriaNotes Thank you for correcting that oversite. I myself did experience some confusion over that sorting function until I noticed the buttons above the comment section, but simpy forgot about it..

@RobCampbell I got confused myself at first when they started defaulting to "likes" on active posts. I wasn't seeing any recent activity so I assumed the thread was inactive. It can be a bit confusing for newbies at first. Thanks for your comment.


@Dick_Martin Level 5?? anyway -

  1. The time is not displayed for replies, but the date is at the bottom of every post.
  2. The newest post is at the top of the page, so the first post is always the 'last' post.
  3. Most use the @ symbol to direct their replies, see the posts and I'm sure you'll figure it out in short order.

You should be able to choose between a few organization options. I'd switch to the "newest" option at the top of the responses.

I thought @Admin fixed this to sort by each member's preference.

I believe the code should still be remembering the last sort you've done and use that on other pages.

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