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Do you think there is only one human race?

Personally i think the word race is missused, color and culture do not make a race.

MichaelSpinler 8 Oct 22

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Yes.99.9 percent DNA match in the ''different'' human ''races'' maybe we need another word or better education about our sameness.If we were dogs we would be one race.

just realised this is like 3 years old comments.oops.


no? then what is the other race?


Well, since we our only view of the universe is the Milky Way Galaxy, there's a lot out there that we don't yet have the tools to explore. I think as vast as the universe is, there's a pretty good chance that there are other advanced life forms living somewhere in the great beyond. I mean, why not? Anyway, until we're able to more fully explore the universe, we'll never know for sure.

life on other planets would not be human.



Zorro Level 4 Oct 23, 2017

I believe there is intelligent life in the universe but I am not sure they would be called human as that is the designation we have given to the earth's species. Believe it or not some ding bats still do not consider all humans humans!They use race to distinguish and do consider some humans to be less than human. I would venture to state that most of these ding bat's are also republicans and have little to no respect for the facts of science and are very religious plus deny the writings of their religion!

well yeah most of the gop failed basic biology, never mind evolution.


One species and several ecotypes sharing a common genome; there has not been another race since Neanderthal and Homo floresiensis became extinct. Race is at best and artificial construct with the purpose of subjugating other cultures and justifying that subjugation.


Yes , please ! One human race is more than enough !



Yes there is only one human race. The nazis advanced the theory of multiple races based on skin color but it's flawed if not totally incorrect. It was more or less to give them the base from which to prove one race was superior to others.

SamL Level 7 Oct 22, 2017

yes, much like all racist do.


Genetically speaking, yes, we are one species. The wonder (and terror, sadly) of it is we are all unique. Yes, there are racial and cultural differences but the greatest differences among us are on an individual level. Instead of celebrate these individual differences we have instead too often look at those who are different than "us" with xenophobic fear.


No i don't believe that.



Yes - the human race.

Paul Level 5 Oct 22, 2017

right on


There is one human species. Race is an artificial concept.

On principle I agree with you and for the purpose of saying that we are all equally human, there is no argument scientifically or morally. But, the physical differences that define us as races, are the same as breeds of animals. We are all the same species. A Great Dane and a toy poodle are the same species, but different breeds or races. One is not superior to the other or any more dog than the other.


Human, or more scientifically, Homo Sapien is the species, not the race. There are multiple races of human that are based on smaller genetic and physical differences between Humans. And even amongst races, there are physical differences based on regional origin.

For instance, both Norwegian people and Polish people are both Caucasian, but Norwegian people are Germanic while Polish people are Slavic.

There are minor physical differences such as cheekbones, nose structure, forehead, etcetera. So although the term "race" is sort of a blanket term and yes, it's overused. Species is Homo Sapien, Race would be Caucasian, Asian, African, etcetera, Ethnicity would be like Slavic, Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, etcetera (describing the region rather than skin color).

you are describing race like breeds of dogs. why would a region determine a race? that is basically the same as culture. caucasian is not a race either, thats skin color determined by long exposure to living in the northern hemisphere. thats why hitlers ideas about an arian race failed. there is no arian race, just skin melon based on where you live , how close to the equator. etc.


I think the mind labels things, so in a sense there are races. Although I agree with what everyone is saying here, I think we need to acknowledge that there is something to that feeling of connection with people "who look like me". I say this because at 35 years old, I went to a rock concert and saw an Indian man as a lead vocalist and I felt something I never felt before. I think there is something deep in our psychology that was probably very helpful to our evolution in recognizing"members of our own tribe". I think we've evolved past the importance of such things and race is basically irrelevant, but I do believe they exist. I see it like gender. I hope one day we reach a point where gender is as irrelevant as race is now, but even at that point, gender itself will still exist.

I'm Italian American and grew up in that culture, enjoying much of the food and traditions, as well as other aspects of that culture. I relate more to cultures that have food or cultural aspects that are closer to what I like. BUT, in no way do I hate someone else because they do not look like me. Yes, we can be very different from each other, but there are more things that make us one, than set us apart. The different races are like different breeds within the same species. To deny the humanity of any person is illogical.


Many Anthropologists are saying there is no such thing as 'race'. There are cosmetic and cultural difference but we are all one species. I have heard there is a wider genetic difference between Chimps living in open fields as those living in woodlands as between any human groups. To me race is a term used to justify discrimination (kind of like 'homosexuality' or 'atheist'😉.

my view as well.

I was just wondering why you think atheist is a bad way of describing people like me.I say I am an atheist because that is the word in the dictionary that means lack of belief in anything religious or gods,etc. I don't know of anyone who thinks its negative.I believed in Santa longer than ''god or jesus'' so how would I described my way of thinking without the word atheist? Cheers.

and I believe there is just one ''race'',Human.

@actofdog This is another word that needs to be removed from the vocabulary. We are one species but we also belong to different groups known as "tribes."


Yes BUT. We are one "race" or species just as is our domestic dog. A poodle is the same animal as a Great Dane, but they have differences because of selective breeding. We do not selectively breed humans, but some groups are isolated from others and have traits that are fairly unique to that population. Some humans have more neanderthal blood, while others have genes from around the world. Given the movement of humans throughout our history and the mix of genes, there is no even generalize about many traits. While it is true that that people who live in the mountains of Tibet have a genetic adaptation to live in that region, it says nothing about their humanity. In other words, the mix of genes which have caused physical differences and adaptations have not separated us into different species. We are all thinking feeling beings, who share the same desires and instincts, all having the same potential. The huge differences we see in behavior around the world is caused by culture, not by of skin color or other physical traits. We are one race.

My husband works in the clinical trial industry and says much the same thing. Isolation and genetics causes people from different cultures to have different physical/health situations. That means from the healthcare perspective, identifying those differences requires labeling.
That being said, the whole thing is "multiple races" thing is semantics used as a weapon to create division.
We are one race and many cultures.


I agree Michael, human is a race.




Of course, there's only one.

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