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If this "study" had targeted a wide range of journals in multiple disciplines, it might tell us something. That they DELIBERATELY didn't even try to provide any sort of control group shows this isn't a study, and was just an attempt to discredit research they disapproved of.

This study targeted identity politics journals and got many things published proving that post modernism and identity politics is pseudo science and a right wing doctrine.

I don't know why you are talking about control groups the whole idea was to out the leaders of the IdPol community for the hate they spew with their pseudo scientific woo. []

No, they proved some journals will publish anything. We already knew that. This wasn't a study, it was propaganda.

@Druvius correction they proved that identity politics academics will publish mein Kampf doctored to sound feminist, lol.

@Druvius this was a great study that showed reputable journals in post modernism and IdPol are willing to publish pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo thus falsifying their field's.

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