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Does anyone remain confident in Trump

We have gone through Watergate and learned profound truths that rocked our nation. Now we have a segment of society believing in the Trump fake news. Again profound truths
I believe Trump is much too deep into this Russia story and will be removed.

EMC2 8 Feb 1

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Unfortunately he has a cult following. For them, he can do no wrong. There's a perfect word to describe Trump and that word is trumpery.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 9, 2018

Never had confidence in him. Have not seen, read, or heard anything to make me change my mind. I hope to see him and his merry crew behind bars ASAP.


Absloutely! Trump will fix this country and will be in office for 7 more years. The Dems that spied on the Trump campaign are the ones that broke the law.

gater Level 7 Feb 1, 2018

@Redcupcoffee alright, lets agree to wait for 7 years and see who was right

@Redcupcoffee lol@ calling me mental in the nicest way

@gater Hey friend, please realize that Trump is in the hole now and it gets deeper daily, Why or should I ask, how do you not see this? Do you watch real news or just fox

@Redcupcoffee - Alright, his 1st year went well, try to keep an open mind - give him 1 more year and you will see that I'm right.

@EMC2 hes in a hole? can you explain? thanks

@Redcupcoffee There are other adjectives and adverbs. The excessive use of Fuck makes you sound uneducated.

@gater actually studies have shown intelligent people do swear and tend to do it best.

@silverotter11 actually stupid people swear more because they lack the vocabulary to express themselves, they use profanity as a crutch.


Never had any from jump. I knew he was a con job and hoped the American public would see thru him. Sadly the rating whores commonly known as the media heaped endless free coverage on him and simply refused to point out his lies and corrupt ties to Russia and his terrible business habits.


Never had faith in him, ever. I could never figure out why he was even relevant ever. I remember when he began making appearances on TV in the 80's and his marriages scandals, he always made my skin crawl. I believe he owes Russian oligarchs a lot of money and we are his ticket out of hock. I think more and more Republicans are following him thinking they are going to get something out of it too.

Actually we are soon to find out Trump is part of the russian Mafia, He owes a lot yes but he also laundered money for them, Trump truly wants authoritarian

@EMC2 Part of the Russian mafia? you have a wild imagination, do you have any evidence?

cc: Ktcyan, @EMC2

@gater 1: Last year, congress (you know, the congress that is currently controlled by the Republican party) voted to sanction Russia. Trump signed it into law soon after - but under pressure from his party. However, the sanctions had an option for postponement which it was. That deadline was last week. I'll let you guess/research if Trump enacted those sanctions.

2: A few years ago, several banks were caught in the LIBOR scandal. They were penalised by whichever international body found the banks guilty of the scandal. One of those banks is Deutsche Bank. In the last month, Trump waived those penalties away. I'll let you guess/research which bank lent monies to Trump when he was bankrupt. I'll let you guess/research which country uses that same bank to launder monies.

That's only two clues. You can find others. There are too many breadcrumbs that suggests someone has been eating bread. There's no actual bread that can be used as proof because it's been eaten.

The investigation exists to find the proof. Just because there's no proof, doesn't mean the investigation is invalid - which is Trump's reasoning. He'll say things like: "There's no proof of collusion, so why are they investigating me?" That's just a crazy circular illogic, right?

Seth Meyers summed it up nicely:

"...Why does Trump go out of his way to interfere with the investigation? Well there are two possible answers...
1: He's guilty.
Or 2: He asked the FBI director for a pledge of loyalty; he asked him to stop an investigation on Michael Flynn; fires the FBI director; admitted he fired him because of the Russian investigation; bragged to the Russians that he did because of the Russian investigations; pressured the Attorney General not to recuse himself; pressured the heads of the intelligence agencies to intervene; and tried to fire the special counsel that took over the Russian investigations because he's...innocent...?"

Jump to 6m and 15s for Seth Meyer's monologue:

@gater I do not have the evidence but Mueller has it. Please understand I am news junky. I watch and read about politics so I do have extensive coverage in my mind, And for those Rachel Maddow fans, we know the trail to be taken

@SamKerry Thank you for this. yes all you say is true and Sergey Kislyak is in the middle of this. Deutsche Bank is globally known for their money laundering and did a lot of Russia Mafia transactions in NYC. Purchased Trumps apartments, homes etc, Trump also has a hotel in, I believe in Panama, called the Ocean Club and here all the units are owned by Mafia. They are merely a shade for the laundering.

@SamKerry They haven't found proof in a year, I doubt proof exists. Some people are so close minded - they want to convict before evidence is found.

SamKerry To your #1 Point about sanctions, I'm going crazy as to why this is not the main headline. Since he has decided he will not enforce these sanctions shouldn't that be at least dereliction of duty, or treason or something. This is a huge step to the dissolution of our democracy and why isn't everyone who voted to enact these sanctions making a lot of noise???????? It makes them all complicent in the takeover. I'm just going to try this out outloud and see how it sounds; "I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the united states of Russia" I don't like it, things need to change around here. I'm going to be rattling a lot of cages today!

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