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QUESTION Intelligent Men Make Better Romantic Partners ?

Why Smart Men Make Better Partners is an article found on Big Think. And I have to tell you, I would have to put a question mark at the end of that assertion.
Jaako Aspara led the research at the Hanken School of Economics in Finland that looked at the question of picking partners from an evolutionary perspective. The team discovered that the levels of a partner’s intelligence directly affect the “fitness” of the partnership to “survive and support the offspring.”
So, smart is better than dumb? I’m entrigued!
The article then explains that being smart is related to having more money and more money makes relationships easier.
Now, there may be some you nattering nabobs of negativism who will say, “Andy, money doesn’t buy you happiness or stable and healthy relationships”
The researchers showed a connection between intelligence and marital history. The number of men who got married and stayed hitched increased with each rise in overall intelligence within the five age groups studied. Younger groups most strongly exhibited this effect.
I think a more telling study would be to explore the relationship between psychological pain tolerance and staying in a relationship.

Woody Allen may have been right on this one. See 0:23 Video Below

Dougy 7 Feb 1

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Smart chicks are great in bed.


Not necessarily for a short term relationship,but for a long term relationship a cerebral compatibility is definitely the more appealing for me.Also I believe money and financial discord causes stress in a relationship . I have been married more than 30 years and have never had money issues with my wife .We have separate bank accounts ,credit cards etc .This arrangement will only work if both partners are very responsible and follow personal budgets ,regular savings etc


Absolutely, I am living proof of this fact. We are also humble and never overstate with regard to these matters. "Oh, it's hard to humble, when you're perfect in every way...". Love that song!


D'oh...........stupidity and especially narrow-mindedness are Huge turn-offs!

Never been to Finland so I don't fit this opinion is intelligent people communicate better than dullards lacking vocabulary of love nor kindness


Not having to worry about money is one less stressor on a marriage. I can see how it might correlate with longer marriages and increased happiness, but I'm not sure I buy into how it makes a better romantic partner. To me, it isn't so much intelligence as it is having a desire to learn and please your partner.


Money is statistically proven to buy some happiness with a limit. At about 75000/yr the benefits of money begin to taper off. I find it very binary to say "money can't by happiness". No, but it can very certainly compliment a happy life. If I don't have to stress about bills, can afford unexpected medical expenses, car repairs, or just go out and have fun, obviously I'm going to be happier. If I have a 3 story mansion, a fleet of cars and do coke with my strippers I obviously don't know what happiness is or how to attain it so money couldn't help me no matter how much I have...sorry guys, off subject. Had to put in my 2 cents


I can't say, never having partnered with a guy and never likely to, however along similar lines I have found intelligent women are by far the best lovers. Hands down, no exceptions.
But a caution, many women are not as intelligent as they claim, again, not book learning, but self awareness, logic reason and honesty and bingo.

I would say you're "not as intelligent as they say" should be applied more broadly.

Did you mean bingo the number game? LOL! I kinda hope you did.



Yas they do..


Decisions related to marriage and divorce are key life events for individuals. In the present research, we provide large-scale evidence of the role of individual intelligence in marriage and divorce behavior, controlling for tangible resources such as income and social status symbols. We find that male individuals' intelligence score at early adulthood has a positive relationship with their subsequent likelihood to get married, in a sample of 120,290 males. Intelligence also predicts continued marriage (non-divorce) in a separate sample of 68,150 married males. The relatively easier-to-perceive verbal intelligence predicts the likelihood of getting married (bivariate correlation r = 0.07) slightly better than the harder-to-observe numeric (r = 0.06) and logical intelligence (r = 0.05). The likelihood to stay married is predicted to an equal extent by verbal, numeric, and logical intelligence (r ? 0.05). A series of regression models confirms the direct effect of residualized intelligence on marriage behavior over and above its indirect effect through income, social status, and other control variables. These findings provide empirical evidence for the notion of evolutionary psychology that human intelligence, as an intangible fitness indicator, directly influences mating prospects, rather than merely exerting its influence through the tangible resources of income and social status.

Types of intelligence predict likelihood to get married and stay married:... | Request PDF. Available from: [] [accessed Feb 01 2018].

Dougy Level 7 Feb 1, 2018
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