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LINK Trump: ‘I Have a Natural Instinct for Science’

He has a 'natural instinct' children, pay attention now. Natural instinct to bullshit and lie maybe, but not for science.

HippieChick58 9 Oct 17

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How does anyone believe this shit.


Who else would look at the sun during a solar eclipse than someone with a natural instinct for science?


Someone needs to market a red dunce cap that says maga on it.

Great idea!!


He has a 'stinct alright. A skunk has a 'stinct too. And they both 'stinct the same.

(Yeah, I know...don't be 'stinct-shaming the skunk)


Just unbelievable. If he wasn't our president that comment would make me howl in laughter. Sounds like a few 9th graders I knew.
We are so screwed.


This clown forgot his dunce cap.


He can spell "science," so he is an expert.


He is an expert at lying, cheating, stealing, and producing shitty offspring. He has ridden this skill set all the way to the Presidency. Fucking unbelievable.

this comment could be applied to almost every president since WWII. Our current governing system is corrupt through & through. Sadly Jefferson may be correct on his correction system.

@unicorn314 That is not true. There has been no President in our in our lifetime who comes close to the lying, ineptitude, cruelty, and ignorance of the world as this ass clown.

Johnson Vietnam escalation, the great reform .. Nixon Watergate.. Ford well... Carter domestic policy.. Reagan an actor? .. Bush 1 did not know grocery stores had check out scanners... Clinton our favorite "I did not have sex" man... Bush 2 bumbled the war on terror with the clamping down of freedom.... Obama... I could go on & on... like I said our system IS CORRUPT it is plain as day if one chooses to look.

@unicorn314 All systems are corrupt and always will be. But to compare these other Presidents to this one is laughable.

@Sticks48 I finally realize ... you despise the man.... ah well... we are entitled to our opinions.


Man . Is there anything that this clown will not claim as his forte , good at , knows it , own it , I mean really , he is the most know it all clown I have ever seen . Wow .


If ignorance is science he is the president !!


The only science he’s interested in is the chemicals in his spray tan solution and hair color.


He's a stable genius too, ya know.


I'm not laughing at him. I'm laughing beside him.

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