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That dog won't hunt. It doesn't pass the smell test.

These are phrases used to indicate an idea that will go nowhere or a strategy that has zero chance of success. What other phrases are used to express the same sentiment?

TheAstroChuck 8 Oct 23

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About as useful as tits on a bull... my uncle used to say this one...he had a dairy farm in KY

Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear....we say this to show how stupid an idea is...


That won't cut it. That won't fly. That's dead on arrival. That won't make it. That's a trip to nowheresville. It sank or will sink without a trace.

There are some of mine Professor.


His shit does not stink!

Orange bastard actually believes that shit!



Tall hat, no cattle

@TheAstroChuck urban cowboy all boots, no horse.

@TheAstroChuck Dress the part but no substance to back it up. Like the young guy with the hot car who lives with his parents.


It'll go over like a lead balloon.

JimG Level 8 Oct 23, 2018

Going nowhere fast


"That idea is dumb as a rock"


You are milking a cow whose milk expiration date has expired.

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