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How do you save memes from here?

I use the mobile app for this site. Sometimes I find anti religious memes or other pictures I love that I’d love to save. Every time I try to save an image on my iPhone the app crashes and the image doesn’t get saved.

Anyone with the same issue? Anyone with a solution?


Lucignolo 6 Oct 24

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Donate to the saves memes foundation lol. I have no idea the only thing I could think of is share them on facebook then save them on your facebook account.


Same reason I deleted the app and just use the browser. You can save imges from there (android)


I wait till the left/right arrows go away, or tap the picture to make them go away, then do a screensave by pressing the on/off button and the home button simultaneously. Then I edit the photo to remove any non-image periphery.

skado Level 8 Oct 24, 2018


Same here, but my phone uses the power button for screen shots.

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