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I went to Barnes and Noble today, and came home with a huge Synonym Finder book. Only $21.65 after taxes.I did not, however, come home with a smart guy's number. Lol. My birthday/Valentine's Day gift to myself. I own an Oxford Dictionary, a Thesaurus for Intellectuals, and now this. I love English and I love learning new words. I will enjoy more of my day off by being immersed in my video game.

Sarahroo29 8 Feb 3

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I forgot- I have a Medical Dictionary too.


Smart girl....



Love books like that. Last year I got a Hawaiian-English dictionary ([] ) for working on a surfing memoir. An amazing number of the words were about . . . sex.


Nice! Share some uniqueness that you find in it when you get a chance



Great gift !! 🙂

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