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Is Mardi Gras a religious holiday? Or is it an in-your-face-Pope holiday?

Dick_Martin 7 Feb 4

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In your face! In your face!


"What became known as the Carnival season was a kick-off to Lent, a sort of last hurrah before 40 days of penance sandwiched between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday."


I believe the word mardi gras comes from religion.


Mardis Gras is an all-out hedonistic display of in-your-face dissent to Christianity. I wouldn't be surprised if it was our friends the pagans came up with this yearly display of indulgence- like most celebrations that don't suck. If people are flashing their mammaries, drinking 'til they drop, and throwing tacky beads everywhere - you know it's good.


Mardi Gras is a cultural event and an excuse to celebrate. Just like its equivalents in Brazil -- Carnival -- and in Germany -- Frsching. For most people, it is nothing more.

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