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LINK EU Court Upholds Prosecution Of Woman For Comparing Muhammad's Marriage To A Six-Year-Old Girl To Pedophilia | Zero Hedge

Unbelievable but true. The dark ages are bavk. The flame.of enlightenment is extinct.

PontifexMarximus 8 Oct 29

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It's not paedophelia as we understand it. It's a primitive custom that prevailed in many places through history and relatively recent examples of it can be found in America up to the 1930s.

Nonetheless, the freedom to express an opinion (no matter whether it's right or wrong) in public is at stake here. The court, if I understand correctly (I haven't read this article, I watched Gad Saad's YouTube video) wanted to balance freedom with hurt feelings. Gaad was incensed at the attack on freedom of speech and I wondered if the principle was really the only thing that mattered.

I am not necessarily condoning the accusation of paedophilia levelled against a living person without refutable evidence. To my knowledge most jurisdictions don't prosecute for insulting a dead person. I think this is really a dangerous slippery slide for freedom, and not just freedom of expression.

I guess their worry is that such a serious criticism of Muhammad will contribute to marginalisation of the people who hold him in such esteem.

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