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It always has been just under the view of the police.


Well duh. The white nationalists are here in the U.lS. and ISIS is in the middle east. I'd say tht is a mroe immediate threat.


Its not rocket science. Its 2018 and white people are still demons. And some people enjoy destroying everything great about this country. No investigation needed. Someone will snap and shit will happen.


Of course it is. And it has been unmasked as a cancer not just passed down as lore within bigoted families, but as an endemic disease passed through the teachings of institutions that have for generations passed themselves off as the pillars of our democracy. What is going on with Citizens United, voter suppression, foreign money, gerrymandering has all been geared toward codifying this white nationalism under our very noses. Trump does not even need an Enabling Act.


Yeah, you must be so proud. (sarcasm)

I am not and I don't think she is either

@btroje I was being sarcastic.

@Lilac-Jade oh good you had me worried

@btroje I would not ever condone the crap in the US!

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