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LINK Veterans slam Trump for border 'stunt' - CNNPolitics

So now the military is pissed with him, good!

HippieChick58 9 Oct 31

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The world is pissed at him except for these characters at his rallies


I’m afraid he’ll try to declare a national emergency and suspend posse comitatus - thus ordering the troops to be able to do more than logistical support. And who knows what that could be! There are also various right wing militia groups going down there - and they will be armed. It could be a tinderbox if the right wing nut militias do something stupid.

Ohub Level 7 Nov 1, 2018

Posse Comitatus does not need suspended. PC stops military use for civil laws. The border is one of the few specific things the constitution dictates the government is supposed to protect. Border and immigration laws are not civil laws.


I've said it before on this site: if Trump thought he could get away with it, he'd have them shot at the border. It looks as though that's exactly what he's up to.


I found that encouraging. This whole deploy the military for an invasion force made up mostly of women and children is pure politics and an expensive boondoggle. And as NPR pointed out, many of those being sent will be brown people who speak English facing off against brown people who speak Spanish. And by Trump's new suggestions he wants to send more troops than we have currently in Afghanistan. I am glad to see some of my fellow vets are waking up to this low life.


Slow to the uptake. Said that he was smarter than seasoned generals, insulted prisoners of war, dodged the draft, has never been to a single military installation overseas and said that private school was the same as military training.


Good for them!

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