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QUESTION Some Donald Trump Supporters Are Now Calling Him 'God Emperor' | HuffPost

This article backs up two other sources I have found explaining why evangelicals support Trump regardless of what he does or his ‘Christian’ values. Many evangelicals believe that Trump is fulfilling Christ’s prophesies ( not sure which but that is the statement). So for example, if a nuclear bomb goes off in the USA 50% of the population will be mortified and dumbfounded, whereas the religious far right evangelicals will celebrate as they believe that this is the end of times and we are getting closer to the rapture. So this term that has come up for him as ‘God Emporer’ is hardly surprising to evangelicals, but it should be utterly worrying to those of us of sound mind.

Hugene2002 7 Oct 24

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Another Normie who doesn't understand Le Memes

@evehoward good emperor Trump is a meme it's a joke, it's either people trying to trigger normies by pretending it's real, or people who took the meme literally and ran with it.

WillKincaid - I did not get this from a meme but from an interview with the son of an evangelical Christian that I posted to Facebook but cannot post here. So you are wrong.


Huh. I figured it was a Warhammer 40k reference.

more examples of normies not understanding memes or the internet


Yeah, Trump supporters can spell emperor!


Well, w/Trump I agree that the end of times may be near. So god is a pussy-grabbing, degenerate, pedophile who'd date his own daughter, and who also hates everyone who's not anglo-saxon white? That's the kind of god emperor I want in my life.

And yet, he's still not as psychotic as the god of the Old Testament!

Well lookie what we got here, well Jebediah it looks like we got one of them there SJ Dublyuhs

Yep @LoveThyDog, and it's the kind THEY want too. Trumpism has uncovered the ugliness of the conservative right in America.


I have been telling people that this was going to end badly since the day he announced his candidacy, we are just beginning to see just how bad. I am waiting for the cattle trucks to start rolling again.


they are just fishing for attention. Why are you giving it to them?

mzee Level 7 Oct 24, 2017

Nope, they really believe it. One of the videos was not by an evangelical but an artist whose father is an an evangelical, so he had no benefit from reporting this. Also don't think I am giving them good air time on an agnostic discussion forum!

@Hugene2002 more examples of normies not understanding memes or the internet


There also bible believers who grab onto the idea of a flat earth because they think "the firmament" spoken of in the bible describes a flat earth. Some religious folks will go to great extremes to try and get the real world to fit the ideas of their religion. 🙂


These people that support the dumpster are so far removed from reality.. they don't know which way is up or down. When he finally falls, and he will, then maybe they may see the light, but I doubt it. This is what Dump wanted.. to be idolized all along. This is a man that thinks Nixon and Hitler good men.. so whats that saying. I think some of these nut jobs are so delusional, anything that brings on some sort of change in their mind is good.. not matter what it is.


I just call him Asshole, but I guess my pedestal is a bit shorter than that of the righteous.

Hahahaha! Good one!


This is not surprising as alarming as it is. It's absolutely shocking that people in this day and age of global information and level of technology can be as ignorant as they are. Trump has got to love this, though.These are most definitely strange times to be living in. I wonder should the world survive what the future generations will think of the Trump era and how what happened happened.

SamL Level 7 Oct 24, 2017

This made me think of the book my daughter bought me for my last birthday, “Quotations From Chairman Trump” edited by Carol Pogash.

gearl Level 7 Oct 24, 2017

This is what happens when we have a comingling of politics and religion. Is demeans and contaminates both.


This is why religion is such a destructive force.

Some of ht e"end times' propaganda is actually funded by fossil fuel companies, because if people think it is the "end times" they will see no need to stop using fossil burls. people can be such idiots and religious people even more so.

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