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it is just a cycle he saids


I really have a hard time believing that anyone is stupid enough to believe a thing that comes out of Trump's mouth! His tariffs have done nothing but hurt all involved. He hasn't brought back coal... He hasn't help open any steel plants... The only thing he has done is give a huge chunk of his voting block a welfare package so they wouldn't feel the pinch of his tariffs. Deplorables? How about ignoramuses!


True, Ford is definitely an American Icon. And yet the smartest person in the world, or so he says, opted to dump on Ford with tariffs. Now Ford will lay off thousands of people and move another facility over seas in order to compete. If toadstool is that smart how can he believe himself? I mean if you are intelligent, you can easily see that you are freaking stupid.

EMC2 Level 8 Nov 3, 2018

GM is next specifically due to tariffs per the company. Get in line after the farmers..but those people received billion dollar bail outs just to keep illegals working on thier farms that they don’t even pay minimum wage to. Talk about hypocrisy.


If this tariff was called a pollution tariff, would it make you feel better? Should be not be tariffing the dirtiest country on the planet? Oh that right some folks will scream to try and force you to "save the planet". Unless it effects their pocket books. Cheap junk or clean planet make your choice.


And yet - they continue to say how much better everything is. When pressed, they rattle off the list of things he preaches to them at every rally. ????? I'm beginning to think we really are a nation of zombies.... 😉


I sure hope Congress comes out from under Republican control so this knucklehead can be put in check.


How will you get through another 6 years of this if the voting doesn't smarten up?

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