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I feel like having atheist posts on my Facebook has potentially cost me jobs and I know it’s cost me friends has anyone dealt with this what did you do

Jace1977 3 Nov 2

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My post on my Facebook may have cost me jobs. I just kept looking until I found one where the employer did not care. The friends it cost me were not actually friends so it was no loss. What is good is that I am helping people with my post.


Of course; fuck 'em.


Fuck social media and fuck facebook. Anytime you post your personal stuff online for all to see you will be judged whether you like it or not. Including jobs, friends and family. Roll the dice!


I don’t post anything on social media besides family fluff as I’m President of a non profit. Living in the Buybull is a touchy subject and only those close to me really know.
Texas is one of those states where employers don’t require much reason to get rid of you. I’ve seen many lose jobs for social media posts.


It doesn't make the slightest difference here in the UK as the majority of the population claim that they do not follow any religion.

We also have Equality Legislation within employment law that makes it an offense to discriminate against anyone due to their religion or lack of it.

So for me, it isn't an issue I have had to deal with.


i had no job to lose by the time i got to facebook and i have been on facebook a very long time. as for friends, their supporting trump got rid of some of them for me. i have been challenged by strangers regarding my atheism but my friends support me even if they're believers; i have very few (two i can think of offhand) who are religionists, as opposed to just private believers, and one of them isn't on facebook anyway. the other one, well, i just hide her religious posts from my page. i don't need to argue with her. for all i know she hides my atheist posts. that's fine.


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