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Everything he touches dies. America's image and moral standing are being destroyed right before our eyes.


tRump's actions and rhetoric combined with his power are normalizing this heinousness.

In private discussion about this... I'd wager Trump, multiple times, said the word nigger. He is shit, but I don't buy his words as being the reason this happened. His words are an excuse.

I bombed a hospital today because the Putin sneezed five times consecutively.

That's a copout.

They wanted to cause violence. Trump is still a piece of shit and HAS caused people to die for nothing more than his hubris and vanity. But attributing atrocities because of a weak correlation... You are crazy or just want to bitch and moan for ANY reason. There are plenty of reasons to give blame to Trump.

@stinklizard Never said he 'caused' this.

@kmdskit3 saying they embraced his words is saying that was their excuse, henceforth the cause. The title of the article doesn't say he is they cause; it implies as much.

@stinklizard @Condor5 's response below is exactly what I'm trying to say.


I have no love for the man, but one didn't cause the other. Because of "catcher in the rye", what's his name shot John Lennon. You can't site Holden Caulfield as the culprit.

I don't think anyone is saying he will be directly responsible for their (Nigerians' ) actions. But, his words are seen as validation, if not encouragement toward a way of thinking, just like with the guy from Florida that sent the bombs, or the neonazis who embrace him. He does nothing to discourage those behaviors, and in fact stokes the fires of hate and intolerance with his rhetoric against the press, or anyone who speaks against him.

@Condor5 I won't argue with that, I just think yellow dog journalism is wrong, even when it bashes someone I hate.

@stinklizard I get that.


His bloody ripple effect!

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