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Not entirely a surprise is it? There is quite a pattern when it comes to these guys and the atrocities they commit. I think that there is something wrong with certain people (young men in particular) who cannot seem to take responsibility for their own circumstances, but wish to blame others. In the case of men who cannot connect and interact with women in a normal relationship, they immediately blame the women and can’t think that maybe the problem is themselves and their attitude. This emnity festers in them and seems to turn into a pathological hatred, if they have easy access to weapons the consequences eventually can lead to these massacres. Children must be taught from an early age social skills and an ability to interact with others, the teenage years are angst filled even for the most well adjusted, but hanging out in mixed groups at youth clubs and sporting venues is the best recipe for a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. As I am British, I just can’t understand the American fascination with guns and the insistence by some that it is an inalienable right to own and carry them. I know the history behind the right to carry arms, but surely we are no longer living in the pioneering days when protection was necessary for survival.


Frustrated entitlement combined with too easy access to guns. Fuckers...


Makes you wonder how someone gets that sick in the head....nature vs nuture...

I don't wonder at all. They are mad because they can't get dates with the women they want. Then they're spending all their time online interacting with others just like them.
They're getting "radicalized" by reich-wing assholes with an agenda, no differently than young men (and some women) are being radicalized by islamic extremists.
They are being told what they want to hear. They're being told that it's not their fault, but it's women's fault. ALL women. They're being told that they have the right to take whatever they want, from whichever woman they choose. They're being told that if a woman says "no" to them, that she's "evil" and a "bitch". They are being encouraged to perpetrate violence.

Not to mention that they're usually racism asshats, too.


These incel assholes need to be locked up.
These are the people who shouldn't be allowed to have guns.
But, NOOOOOOO. That would violate their 2nd Amendment rights.
Forget the innocent victims of these assholes. Their rights don't count.


And this will continue to happen.

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