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That seems to be the desired affect of the T-rump tax bill and Obamba Care repeal. IMO there should be a murder trial of all who voted for those draconian measures.


I don't understand why anyone doesn't want the people to have healthcare.


Of course.


Yes, but the evangelicals who are very anti abortion while the fetus is in the womb do not give a rat's ass about babies once they are born. It is all very strange because the evangelicals are the one's fighting the hardest to make sure babies will die at a higher rate once they are born.

I have been screeming about how the republicans are against abortion to get the evangelical vote but care less about feeding,housing and educating these kids after they are born.


Also rates likely reduced due to better prenatal care and F/U care after hospital discharge for infants/mothers determined to be at health risk.....later gestational age at delivery is a big part of this we should also include WIC supplemental nutrition program as a contributing factor is lower infant mortality....

WIC, another program the GOP wants to cut or eliminate.

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