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I see this as a true and factual statement. Nobody has done more to show what a sham religion is and what a bunch of hypocrites the religious right is!

@Byrdsfan That's the issue here... He is trying to turn it into an oligarchy!


It must be true he thinks he is god.


How does anyone knows what he thinks??

I am not entirely sure he thinks.

@HippieChick58 remove the name and face, look at the cold facts of what he has accomplished and then you may get to see a different story. This is a thought experiment. I am not asking you to like the person

@IamNobody problem is I do not like what he has done.Could you give me an example of something good he has accomplished?

@Marine a) The opium epidemic has killed more Americans than other diseases and no other President would even consider looking into that. b) Rocket man hasn't challenge anyone for a while c) We have not heard of ISIS lately d) War casualties returned from Korea, even if it is symbolic e) Hostage returned from Turkey ....f) Have put up with all negativity thrown at him actually pretty well g) Supreme court appointees...... There is more but this will suffice to prove that someone will find nothing but negativity on this stories

@IamNobody In the meantime he has done everything to ruin the environment allowing mineing waste to be dumped into drinking water in Va Michagin Dakoas ,NC SC West VA and elsewhere , plus drilling in National Parks; appointed department heads with the purpose of eliminating or reducing their effectiveness including the CDC ,environment,education & science is not allowed to mention clear air or climate change, . He has appointed two supreme court judges that are supposed to be neutral but are in fact far right and expressed bias against gays & women's rights and have allowed the church to ignore the rule that they could not preach politics from the pulpit.. He has abused our allies and made enemies of many of them, embraced the dictators of the world and announced he would like to be treated like them. Th3ese are only a few of his accomplishments.

@Marine I know we can keep doing this all day. Truth of the matter, non of us have much to do with any of those things. I'll let the President run the country and always will wish him/her success because if the leader gets support to be successful then we all win (Regardless who the President might be at the time)

@IamNobody Don't you get it he is ruining the country and it will take many years to fix. You must be a trump supporter.

@Marine Am I? Who knows.... I can tell you this much though. I am tired of politicians that have lived off tax payers (you and I) and they don't produce anything. At least Trump have the balls to call things out when they need to be.

@IamNobody Made up things that are not helping our country!


He also said that he has kept more promesses than he has made.


He's done wonderful things for Muslim fundamentalist recruitment .


He is an idiot

Darn it. I was going to say that.

@SkagwayKim say it anyways. Whenever possible.


Well... going by the statement alone, not reading the article. He may have something there.

Pretty sure uttering "Oh my God did you see what he's said now?" is on an up tick


Yes, he keeps telling everyone how wonderful he is......over.....and over......and over...….

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