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If God

If God decided to post in here, offering to answer a question from you, what would you ask ?

RosSco 3 Feb 7

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What's are tomorrow's powerball and mega million lotto numbers?


How do you justify suffering?

@AxeElf OK, hit me.

@AxeElf yep keep going.

@Blindbird Oh,please.

@Spinliesel bite me

@AxeElf well thank you.


I agree with AxeElf for several distinct, but interrelated reasons:

  1. It's like the architect said in the matrix: the first matrix he created was perfect utopia but was rejected by it's people for that reason. Thus, imperfection (suffering death etc) needed to be built into the matrix for people to accept it.

We even see this we we humans design our own universes. When we created The Sims, it was not as a utopia, nor to see a utopia being built. We put them under stress, under bad circumstances, they suffer, they die. If this is true for us, why isn't it also true for a proposed created of our "sim"?

  1. It is hubris to claim that if our universe were to be designed, it was designed for our pleasure. It could very well be that the universe was designed for some other reason and we are not that reason. In this case, our suffering and our joy are inconsequential to the grand design.

  2. It is further hubris to think that suffering proves that a possible god is cruel when one takes into account the suffering that EVERY human being instills on the earth by merely being alive. If you are a meat eater, you need to kill another animal to survive; you induce suffering in the act of living. If you are a vegan, you need to kill another plant to survive; you induce suffering in the act of living. Even when you are not eating, even if you proposed to starve yourself, you are killing millions of living bacteria in your stomach every second in order to survivie; you induce suffering in the act of living.

Faced with these truths about our own survival, why should a proposed higher power be any different given that suffering is a natural, nay, NECESSARY, part to our survival?

  1. It's even more egresious hubris to claim that because you don't have everything you want, that the world isn't exactly as you want, that is proof that a possible god doesn't exist. When people say that, they sound like petulant children who cry out "I hate you!" to their parents when they don't get their every wish.

Conclusion: You can't prove the existence or not existence of something or someone you've never met or interacted with by claiming they should act a certain way and then when you claim they don't, use that as the reason they don't exist. That's basically a strawman fallacy I think (though another fallacy may be more accurate)

@TheMiddleWay good points. That being said, the existence of suffering isn't why I don't believe in "God".


So which is it?

Are you all powerful or do you just not care?

My second question would be "Why did you make me an atheist?"


Which god?

Any one you like Flymax each have characteristics and attitudes attached to them, fill your boots mate 🙂


I will contact Admin..... "Admin, we got a problem"


joking aside. I would ask him why he is such a C$&T?


What did you do with the people who wrote all these contradicting books claiming divine inspiration?


Which one of those divine pricks are you?

I move in mysterious ways


In that case, before I could ask he first has to prove his existence clearly and controllable. Since I left church, I don't talk to imaginary friends anymore, not vocally not telepathically. So, no question yet.

Gert Level 7 Feb 7, 2018

We're dealing with the hypothetical idea that he has been on holiday and has come back to find the mess carried out in his name or by general miscreants. Gert it's a once in a lifetime opportunity mate, get in there

@RosSco The question was: "If God decided to post in here, offering to answer a question from you, what would you ask?". That question presumes that there is a god. I became agnostic because there is no proof for some god, so I can't support the idea, not even in a hypothetical setting, that there is a god. It's probably all about how you have formulated your question. I know it's picky, but if you would have asked: "Suppose that there could be an almighty being like the Christians and the Muslims believe their God is, and he succeeded to prove his existence, where would you like to talk about".
In that case I would like to talk about how he fulfills his duty as god, killing millions of people in all kind of wars, not stopping that, why he doesn't stop illnesses in general, and why he had shortened the life of the humans after the Flood, from hundreds of years to max. 120 and not in the least: Why does he think he is called a "Loving God".


Which god, specifically?

@AxeElf Odin then.

@AxeElf Still hallucinating, I see.


Who is this, really?

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