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Which is your favorite black mirror episode?

My favorite is shut and dance

Traveling4ever 4 Feb 7

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I recently started watching it and am only five episodes in. I've found them all to be a bit disturbing but very thought provoking. Looking forward to seeing what horrors the rest of the episodes hold.

dkp93 Level 7 Feb 7, 2018

Arkangel! I could understand the mom’s motivation too well.


Black museum was pretty weird. So was the one with the politician and the pig.

I saw the "twist" at the end coming in Black Museum, so I was proud of myself. LOL I liked both of these episodes.


the Star Trek one...

It was more like the evil version of Galaxy Quest. Nice twist.

It was a nice one too.


That's tough. Maybe "The Entire History of You". Disturbing.


For season 4, my vote would go towards "Hang the DJ"...with "Black Museum" running a close second.


I've never heard of the black mirror.

On Netflix

@LucifersPen thank you I'll check it out

You should check it out. Very strange.

@Michaelx7 I did it was a Star Trekish episode. I am hooked.



I rate this post three stars.

Not enough depth.


Gez, I don't know if I can choose, so I'll have to think on this! I've enjoyed them all a lot.


I haven't watched them all yet, but I quite enjoyed "Nosedive" (the social media episode). I think it said something relevant to our attitudes surrounding status, and it didn't end in tragedy so much as a shift in perspective for the main character.

I really liked that one, too!

That's the most recent episode I watched. I really liked it too! It was an intriguing social commentary and I thought it was very clever. The division of classes based on their approval rating seems sadly realistic. I love Black Mirror, but I feel so depressed after most of the episodes!


San Junipero.

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