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What concerns me in my country, and I suspect it is the similar in yours, is the demographic that ARE reproducing. The more highly educated are having less or no children. Those that are in poorer socio-economic regions are still over breeding. A sweeping generalisation would be that 'smart people are not having kids and dumb ones are". So what does this say for Natural Selection? Perhaps we will start to decrease in intelligence.

@Doraz Genetics play a part in IQ too.

@MsDemeanour quite a bit less than we've been lead to think. The human race in total is not terribly diverse. Most of us,rich, poor, of any minority have very similar capabilities. It's nurturing those capabilities that gives us a smart, thinking populace. There was a study where teachers were told that "average" students were gifted. Lo and behold when the teachers began to treat and teach them as though they had high expectations of them the childrens performance increased dramatically. It's also arguable that those with less "IQ" should be especially targeted to help bring them up rather than writing them off as "trash people" who are genetically fated to be stupid.
I know people just eat up anything that helps them feel superior but can we set that aside when we're talking about stuff that's important. You can tell yourself how much better you are than everyone else on your own time.

@OpposingOpposum THankyou for your reply. I did point out I was making generalisations. Yes i know about the study you have spoken about, where the teachers gave kids extra attention because they were told they were high achievers .I also know the nature vs nurture debate. I understand that programs targeting poor socio-economic groups can help bring them 'up to scratch'. I also know that IQ can be increased biologically as neurons struggle to understand new concepts. But people are often trapped in their cultural/ economic surroundings. Your gov't might be pouring $ into underprivileged kids (I somehow doubt it) but mine certainly isn't. This means the status quo will remain, regardless of aptitude.
In the case of genetics, if you don't accept that intelligent parents are more likely to have intelligent kids then you know nothing about evolution and natural selection.

As for being better than everyone else, how dare you jump to that conclusion. In some areas I am better than some people. In other areas, others are by far the greater expert. This is how we LEARN from each other. We are NOT all equal. We have different talents and abilities.


Intentional irradiation and poison stacking by False Government will do that.

That's not what is in the article. It's more about the availability of birth control and people choosing to have fewer kids and starting later to have kids.

@tnorman1236 I don't read the finger diarrhea of State Media chumps. That article filled with pure misinformation sure serves well as a smokescreen for Truth and Fact.
I prefer Truth and Fact.
Birth control? That's like saying human flatulence is responsible for climate change. Drivel.

@CataphasiaToo So where do you get your truth and facts?


There are a lot of possible reasons:
Fertility rates decline in many species when their populations become untenable.
Maybe humans are actually beginning to realize that earth can sustain a few billion more of us.
Women are valued for more than their fertility, or at least, value themselves for more.
Fertility rates rise and fall with levels of confidence in the economy.

No matter why; what happens if we can't reproduce fast enough to maintain a state of perpetual war? How will the MIC survive?

JimG Level 8 Nov 10, 2018

Genocide is about eliminating "war" by eliminating people and stealing their resources to prevent societal reemergence.
The Actual Purge is just beginning. Then, after using technology to wipe out the planet, The Elite will use withheld technology to rebuild for themselves.
Microwaves from Cell Phone Towers and electromagnetic frequencies emitted by your Cell Phone itself are enough to render humans and animals alike infertile.


This was on our news last night.


This is not remotely a bad thing.

I agree.

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