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racism and privilege is self induced schism.


But racism is but the bad fruit of a big old bad plant which has been cherished, fed, watered, and fertilized in abundance. And that plant is TRIBALISM."​

Xena Level 6 Nov 11, 2018

This is a bit off-topic (maybe not) but recently I heard that when America first got started and slave-owning was common for these white men who claimed all men are equal, the social divide was caused by tribalism, not racism, and that racism is a later 'social construct'. I'm struggling to get my head around this.


Missing half the story are we? Like the half where the left frequently and loudly promotes anything anti-white? If you promote that white is bad. White will move away from you. By default your own actions created a white heavy segment, where none existed before. Sure you can try to point fingers else where. Discouragement is as powerful of a motivator as encouragement. The term is called "counter culture". America doesnt have a racial problem, it has an ignorant problem.

Promoting the causes of, e.g., persons of color, is not "anti-white". It is simply pro-black. It isn't a zero sum game.

I wish that the adopted slogan had been "Black Lives Matter Too". Because that's the actual point. But of course, some non-Blacks (and not just whites) had to seize on it as "Black Lives Matter, Unlike Non-Black Lives", even though virtually no one remotely credible, especially within the Black Lives Matter movement, is making that point. Tellingly, law enforcement saw it as an existential threat to them as a tribe, and thus, "[No,] Blue Lives Matter".

As a white man I do not feel entitled to white resentment; I was born to relative privilege and will mostly float above the pogroms I fully expect will become everyday life soon in America because the color of my skin alone makes me worthy to live in peace. I won't participate in them of course, but many will. Probably more than won't. Because as you say it's a zero sum game and all the fault of minorities for simply stating their case and asking, not for superiority, but equality.

@mordant It's maddening when whites talk about "Black Lives Matter" as if they understand it. If you truly understood it you would not have said it's name should be changed , make it easier for white people to get it? Whites are the cause and the reason it exists. ...the meaning of this movement is crystal clear to people who are wide awake

@Xena I don't disagree, I'm simply saying that it's always a good idea, regardless of the topic, to think carefully about what a tagline actually communicates, IF you want to reach people and change minds. On the other hand, these spontaneous movements don't have PR directors, and sometimes the results are less than ideal. That's not anyone's fault, and arguably more the fault of those who willfully misunderstand. It was just a hypothetical: adding that one word would not have subtracted in my view from the intent or power of the message, but would have made it more of an uphill battle for people to misconstrue it by putting a subtle emphasis on commonality that all humans share. And because words and framing matter, it might have also subtly directed adherents to more of an emphasis on that fact.

I'll also go out on a limb here and say that just because I'm white doesn't mean I don't understand the movement at all, in any way, to any useful level. Yes I get the "please just shut up and listen" ethos of some in minority communities, but it's not patronizing to say that I agree with the movement even though my momma didn't ever once feel it necessary to school me on how to talk to police so I'd be less likely to be shot in the back. Because I have this nifty thing called empathy, I can at least imagine how that would have altered the landscape of my consciousness.

Activists want people outside their tribe to be respectful but you don't want to disrespect and patronize outsiders in the process, either. Take and appreciate your allies where you can get them. Otherwise you'll tend to just steal defeat from the jaws of victory. There's an almost lily-white congregation in my city for example that displays "Black Lives Matter" above its main entryway and that should not be understood as a pretense for some sort of advantage; they get a lot of blowback from conservative elements for doing that. It's a show of solidarity. Accept it with grace rather than grousing that they can't possibly understand.


Great article.


With the lovely scump's help.

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