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Share Your Best Home Remedy Or Home Made Product

Many of us here did not grow up with a silver spoon in our mouth.
Sometimes money is scarce so we had to tap into our creative side to compensate for things we could not afford.

For example:

If you have a cold and can't afford a doctors visit, we have all heard about "warm tea, honey and lemon"

I also remember that my grandmother would make her own
bar soap (Please don't ask me what was in it)

In my family, we were raised to never use tooth paste.
My mom made our tooth paste from a mixture of
peroxide, baking soda and mint. I still do this and have never used actual tooth paste.

Please Share With Me a Home Remedy, or some Type of product That is "Home Made" Maybe someone in the community needs to know about a Home Remedy or product.

twshield 8 Feb 8

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For sore throats, equal mix of local honey and lime juice. Tastes like a terrible candy but does WONDERS for throat infections and coughs.

For cuts, burns, difficult acne, or other skin issues, COLLODIAL SILVER. (And don't believe the hype about higher ppm is going to work better. It's bullshit.)


I thought I read something about having a belly and not getting rid of it. I use 2 or three spoonfuls of raw saurkraut every day. Seems to help without fail.


If you have a fungal infection under your nails ( feet or hands) soak them for 10 minutes in full strength Listerine ( or the equivalent generic product. It does not hurt and seems to work reliably. Keep the baths going for a week or two, and repeat them when needed.


Tooth paste is an artery clogger , she did you a solid . Kimbooshka Mushroom tea works just as good as Prozac or Zoloft . It's actually a liken slime that grows on the top of old tea that has set out for at least a week . It was everywhere 20 years ago , then a Hep. C scare came about & everyone got rid of it . It grows like crazy & you just need a little of it , with some sweet tea & your set . Years & years ago , I went to Tractor Supply or Southern States for Tetracyclene pack for $10 . Now days , that pack could save you every bit of $500 in doctor visits & Prescription costs , if not more . They were going to make it available over the counter , but the profession stopped it , of course . . . Some satates you need a rancher's license to get it , but others , no . I would say Rural King also sells it , but they were not around then . I have a book on how to make soap . Dozens of resipies !

Dougy Level 7 Feb 8, 2018

pork chops fried a bit with some chopped onion and other vegs you fancy, pour on some chicken and/or mushroom soup and cook it in a casserole dish not too high for 90 minutes.


Our brains shrink with age. Brains are 70% fat. Therefore good fats can ward this off. I have seen pictures of a brain that has shrunk. With two tablespoons of coconut oil every day these progressive picture showed the brain returning to normal. I have a student who was ready to be institutionalized. He eyes would roll back in his head and he had spells of unresponsiveness. Nobody in his family would do this so I decided to. When he would come every day for his lesson, I gave him a delicious, low sugar, organic chocolate protein shake with two or more melted tablespoons of coconut oil. He is now normal! He is functioning better than ever! So since I have begun to exhibit some memory problems, I, too, am taking this and I am better, too. TWO OR MORE TABLESPOONS OF COCONUT OIL DAILY FOR THE BRAIN.


My daughter had an ant problem. She called grandma, my mom, who said, pour salt around them and they won't cross it. Damned if it don't work.

Borax also works like a charm


This was a very interesting post and I really enjoyed all the answers!


I make my own moisturizers. My feet get very dry so I use coffee grounds or brown sugar with coconut butter and put it on in the shower. It moisturizers and exfoliates.


Baking soda for oven cleaner

twill Level 7 Feb 8, 2018

This isn’t medicinal, and it isn’t completely home made, but here’s my contribution: I buy those washing machine scent booster pellets, and I dissolve some in hot water and put it in a spray bottle. They stay dissolved when the water cools, and I use it instead of Fabreeze or air freshener.

@twshield I bought my first house a couple of years ago and it was an old house. It didn’t really stink, but it didn’t smell like home, either. I dissolved some pellets in hot water in a pie dish, and left it on the mantle. It evaporated slowly and stayed nice smelling for weeks!

Cool idea... thanks.


To avoid or lessen the effects of viral illnesses like colds and the flu, a zinc supplement may help. Zinc interferes with virus replication giving your body a chance to defend itself. In vitamins or Coldeze or generic zinc lozenges (Coldeze is pretty pricey, but it's better if you are coming down with it - faster acting, shortens the disease). Works for me, but there are issues with it (see reference). It may be it does work well and studies don't get funded becuase big pharma/medicine blocks them.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 8, 2018

Zinc is one of my few supplements, if I am not getting enough seafood, I take the odd zinc pill, I also use magnesium occasionally for cramps.


Some people like chicken soup... I like gumbo... silly but it's true.

Gumbo is much better than chicken soup any day!

Not silly at all. You are in Louisiana, after all. 🙂

@BlueWave. Yes. Yes. Yes. It's hot over here...ugh. looks like we're

@BucketlistBob Kinda, yes. I actually discovered that when I first joined. It's not HOT here. And, it's supposed to start pouring on us for the weekend. Ugh...

@BlueWave lol....ugh is right...


When I get sick I drink as much cheep alcohol as possible in the hottest environment I can get (2 peacoats, a hoodie, long sleeve shirt, 3 pairs of long johns, jeans and all the blankets. The idea is a fluid flush and utter dehydration to either flush out the illness or starve it to death. No eating.

Sounds completely miserable.


35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Google it. The benefits are to numerous for me to try and explain here.


I used to make a tattoo healing salve with beeswax, almond oil and lavender essential oil. Have been told by numerous people that was the best stuff they ever used.

There is a commercial product called Tattoo Goo that is almost as good, though a little pricey.

@twshield Do you have any particular tattoos designs in mind?

@twshield I won't laugh......🙂 I forgot you had mentioned that before.

I use diaper rash ointment on all of my tattoos. Never had a problem.


My Ninja food processor, my Ninja blender, and my Ninja 4 in one cooker. I eat healthier food that tastes great and gives me the nutrition that my aging body needs. (Boy, I sound like a commercial)

@twshield It's my profession of being a salesman to match the wants of a customer to the benefits of the product.


I clear drains with baking soda and distilled vinegar, followed by boiling water.
I clean a lot of surfaces (especially outside, near plants) with baking soda and warm water.
I like using vinegar for a lot of cleaning tasks.

I put salt in my drain mixture.

@kiramea I forgot to mention salt! I use that, too!

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