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Yes he is.


Couldn't happen fast enough for our country and the world!


Wow. Really well laid out.


Bad thing is that I'm alot more scared of the idea of a President Pence than I am of this man child making it through his term.

Me too

@Heidi68 me three


what a face!!

Xena Level 6 Nov 13, 2018

I just don't understand, how much more evidence do people need?
45 has consistently demonstrated that he is woefully unfit to serve.
He's a goddamned criminal for christsakes!
Just how damned stupid are his supporters? Are they deaf and blind?
Or are they just as bad as he is?

How anyone can still be supporting this orange shitstain is mind-boggling.

I know!! Every damn day, and more than once a day.

Here's the problem. His supporters don't like evidence. They're typically climate change denying religious zealot conservatives. They don't understand evidence and facts.

@motrubl4u and as long as it agrees with their me, me, me - mine, mine, mine mentality they don't care...

@Heidi68 That's just it though. They are NOT the "majority". It's only like 30% of the country that supports that asshole. When are the rest of us going to let them know they don't get to make the rules for all of us? I don't understand why we're allowing them to get away with this bullshit.

@KKGator I don't think 'we' are...
Here is what I believe is wrong with our stance vs republicans. It does not matter what republicans do or say - they circle the wagons & defend each other no matter what.
We have too many who want things their way all the way or nothing. Ie - Hillary wasnt Bernie so they would rather not vote than to vote for someone who was not their choice. We can't decide on a middle ground platform for the same reason which is going to keep us divided.
If we do not change we will have a repeat in 2020.... sad but true....
Your stats are spot on because that 30% is not going to divide.

@KKGator This nation treats politics like a team sport - and that Orange Shitstain’s their ‘captain.’ They’re like the Nazis -- fighting to their death to defend a madman - willing to take anyone & everyone down with him…

@Varn it is SO team sport mentality.
Combine that with the types that are allergic to ever admitting they made a mistake and find any reason whatsoever to keep riding that pony and you've got the perfect storm. Really scary.

@KKGator You can't get through to them. Facts are not their "thing".
They can't even figure out the source of what woes they have, much less realize they're voting against their own interests.

@Heidi68 The left is known for questioning everything( mostly, except for big pharma "R&D" )
so we typically aren't above throwing our own under the bus whereas wingers don't care if bubba is a baby raper he's on their "team" and gosh darnit he's part of the family!

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