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Just tried to upload a picture in response to a post, and it wouldn't let me. I could select the pic and the window would go away, and maybe the cursor would whirl for a couple of seconds, but the picture would never upload.

Must be a glitch somewhere, as I was able to upload the same pic on my profile page, and in a private message with no problems--just not in the post itself. And I have uploaded pics in response to other threads before, too.

Well, what do you know, it uploads here, too. So why would it not upload in the original thread?

Anyway, someone was asking about who gets to "claim" the Presidency if Kaitlyn Jenner were elected--the men or the women--and I was going to suggest on the evidence of this picture that it might be a victory for the Klingons.

AxeElf 7 Feb 8

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@AxeElf I sometimes get that when the children in the town are home from school - or worse still on holiday and our one horse one antennae town has problems coping dropping connections from 4G down to CDMA level.


I truly wish I could help, but I am missing the binary gene.




Yes, there is a bug we're trying to fix... thanks for the heads up!

Admin Level 8 Feb 9, 2018
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