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How do we get the stock holders of oil and gas companies to invest in alternative energy sources instead of the oil and gas companies?

Marine 8 Nov 16

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by going green and supporting green companies, they will go where the money is. voting helps too. getting the right leaders.


You can't fully. Not until oil and gas become unprofitable. Sustainable and/or alternative energy isn't as profitable.

That is because it hasn't been in wide spread use.

@Marine Yeah, but even if it is in wide spread use then it will still be much cheaper. When you have solar energy you can get your panels made by third parties and run on your own grid. You don't need a company to supply it, do you? I don't exactly know. That is unless the government makes it illegal which it has already done in some states. You can also store energy or sell it back to the energy company if you're required to use one.


It's already happening, to a degree.

Here in Canada, most of the population (but most notably Alberta) is fighting for a pipeline. They claim that we are losing out on the growing oil market due to access limitations. Every day, it seems I come across this nonsense.

When in reality, much of the world (but for 2 exceptions, it would seem) are trying to move AWAY from dirty energy. In Europe and Asia (the markets we are missing out on, apparently), steps are being taken to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. If they want to use less of the easy to refine stuff, why in the HELL would they want bitumen?!
They don't call them the TARSANDS for nothing.

That rant aside, one can detect the direction of the currents by the actions of the big money. To go back to AB for a second, funding has dried up for new oilsands projects. Much to the dismay of single track minded (and it would seem, ultimately doomed) producers like Suncor.
Other big worldwide names are starting to make bigger investments in electron generation and distribution all over the world. And even the oil patch of the world, the middle east, is attempting to prepare for the consequences of a less oil soaked era. If places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh don't become the Las Vegas of the middle east, what else is there?

My new worry is less about this new market getting crushed than it is with old players simply buying their way back into their positions of power. Though it is indeed a step in the right direction, business as usual most certainly is not. Monopolies, Duopolies and Oligopolies don't leave the end user much further ahead then we were before.


I'm not sure anyone can for some time. It seems the holders of oil/gas companies think of one thing, PROFIT! Profit over people, profit over animals, profit over our beautiful earth. I hope we can change this thinking before the earth has to absorb much more of our pollution and ends up killing us all.


Show how alternative energy can bring a reasonable return on their investment

thats the thing with alternate energy, its a one off cost that allows individuals to control their own power supplies. No supplier needed who receives a steady stream income and allows growth of the company. Renewable energy is anti consumerism and anti capitalist/ stock market, which is its great benefit. This is also the dilemma in getting investment to make it happen. No money in it for private business so wewill need govt to push the initiative. Very similar to telecom in Australia; with such a low population and the vast distances involved, private companies would have never built phone lines Australia wide because there is no money in it. So the govt did it via telecom, a govt monopoly. Socialist policy sure but if that didn't happen, outback towns would still have no phone lines. One of the crown jewels Australia has now privatised like the CBA, NR, ports and airports, QANTAS etc. A good con job, selling something we owned and paid for back to us via the stock market.

@powder with you there. The Industrial Revolution bought great innovation to the world long term but generally destructive for the workers in its construction. Without philanthropy culture divides quite easily into Marx’s bourgeoisie/proletariat divide. For many situations Nationalisation and government ownership of essential services is necessary for an acceptable lifestyle for all.


The problem is also with the investment firms that only offer mutual funds that often include oil and gas companies in the mix. Many of us have no choice if we are in a fund that is selected by our employers as part of our 401-K plans or other retirement plans. As an individual, I can select individual stocks or funds that exclude companies I don't support, but in a group at work, I am not given that option.


Convince them that losing money is good for them.


Good luck. They only care about lining their own pockets with more money.


Make it illegal for Congress to hold oil futures for a start. Give the American companies tax incentives to produce alternative energy products. Take the patent moratorium off new inventions and all existing alternative energy types including engines that run on water from back in the 1960`s

Should be a law that if a patent is not developed it should be freely available after 5 years. To purchase a patent purely to suppress business competition should be illegal.


Unfortunately the climate will change so rather than purely combat it, we need to prepare.
Stop govt subsidising the oil industry, boycotts etc are useful tools.
It's pretty obvious the US won't be leading the way in this area. I actually have more faith that China will, a bizzare statement that I wouldn't have dreamed I would be saying 20 years ago, but there it is.


We know that climate change is occurring and that it will cost billions to address the problems it will cause and result in migrations of millions of people. There are islands that will be submerged, coastlines changed and still these republicans will not accept the facts. There is a great deal of money to be made in preventing climate change yet they adhere to the old technology.This seems to go against their normal pattern of doing business.

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