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Humanity and how we got to be

How did we human come into existence and why are the birds and other animals unlucky not to be humans in scientific logic...anyone?

By Helena883
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Birds & other species may exercise greater intelligence and we cannot read their minds nor translate their "speech"


Evolution is a fact....we are evolving primates evolved from smaller less complex mammals. ...DNA mutations DOMINANT BENEFICIAL adaptations define our species we nurture more than all others passing on intelligence to both weak and strong


Several false leading questions inferred here....


I think since we weren't very strong and plus the fact that we had to work our way to survive changing condition made us more intelligent. We had to be smart enough to survive from the outside world but not only that but ourselfs and other hominids. These factors I think led us to evolve to write and speak. It's just a thought from what I've looked into so far.


Our development of language and writing is what really thrust us into this euphoria of exceptionalism. You take all that knowledge away and our group think, we have nothing to protect us from getting torn apart by predators. Our brains evolved to be great at problem solving as opposed to dedicating large portions to smell or echo location.
Also there are awesome experiments done that show baby monkeys actually have more intelligence than baby humans but ours continue to develop far longer. That's our edge.



WeaZ Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

Why would god do this he took a perfectly good species of ape and gave us anxiety bastard

donnjb Level 4 Nov 19, 2018

It almost sounds like you believe that evolution is a ladder with humans at the top. If so, that is not the case. Evolution is a progression guided by natural selection. Animals that have better adaptations for their environmental niche survive and reproduce, passing those advantages on to their offspring.

Birds are evolutionarily adapted to fly, humans are not. If you put a human in a small tree on the side of a tall cliff he or she would probably die very quickly, a bird would be perfectly happy there.

It is the same with all other living things, each is evolutionarily adapted to the environmental niche it inhabits.

Humans are the one outlier, we are the only one that has successfully inhabited most environmental niches on the planet and we are the one that has caused untold damage to them and the other species living on this planet.

icolan Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

The universe as a whole is pretty indifferent to anything and everything that happens on this little spec of space dust we call home, who is to say that we are the lucky species to be aware of these things as opposed to the lesser beasts whose waking moments aren’t troubled with existential crisis?

PJWanders Level 5 Nov 19, 2018

Darwinism... Evolution... Birds unlucky? I'd love to fly!

RiverRick Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

Birds aren't unlucky? If a bird exists today it already beat the lottery by being born in the first place. Mainly as it has less advantages than most humans do. It has nothing to do with luck rather just randomly chance. Kind of like asking how luck factors into us all being in countries with electricity and where we don't have to worry about an aids epidemic like African countries. Just random.chance.

ChadDoran Level 3 Nov 19, 2018

Birds don't have less advantages than humans, they just have advantages for their niche.


I don't think there is reason why. I think it was just an accident of evolution. Our ancestors developed a niche, and that led to large brains, and that led to our domination of the globe.


I think the most influential trait is our opposable thumbs. When an animal evolves a trait that allows them to manipulate their environment, their intelligence will increase with time. We aren't the only animals with opposable thumbs, but we reached the top before any others.

Really just the cards we were dealt with from our evolution. No one trait is really any more or less important than the other. Asking which step in our evolution is the most important is like asking which rung on a ladder is more important.


Buddhists say all life is suffering. I would argue that a bird never committed suicide. The human condition comes with it's pro's and con's.

BanjoBang Level 5 Nov 18, 2018

I'd love to be a bird!

Secretguy Level 7 Nov 18, 2018

i have never heard scientists call birds and other animals unlucky not to be human. as for how humans came into existence, that is not something that can be answered briefly except with the word "evolution" and there are many fine explanations in books and on the net about that. google "human evolution." read about the exodus from the trees, then from africa, and the recent idea that we did not destroy the neanderthals but rather crossbred with them.


genessa Level 8 Nov 18, 2018

Gill breathers evolved into lung breathers evolved from fins to legs with feet/hands. 26 toed cat is proof of mutations that are dominant

@GreenAtheist does that make the cat unlucky?


@genessa makes me lucky she can massage my knees with 6 thumbs and purrs like a vibrator in my thigh. ..she is very alpha but does not fight Kiti for food. ..patient nurturing and sings

@GreenAtheist cats are superior creatures!


@genessa service cats save lives and veterans are harassed by hospital cops instead of accomodated

@GreenAtheist alas i know a little something about hospital security. i wish i didn't.


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