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Question for people over 60: what thing about a younger generation do you find more positive than your own?

For example, my oldest son can text faster than I dial a phone

celticagent 7 Nov 18

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No doubt chimps can climb trees and swing on vines faster as well.


They live, breathe, eat, and sleep technology. My kids are 26 to 34 and the partners are just a tad older. Guess who I call/text when I have technology questions. My kids are not planning on Social Security, they have a strategy to save for retirement that is not dependent on the government or their employer. My kids are politically aware and active, they challenge authority and ask the hard questions. My kids don't recognize gender barriers or gender limitations. Their mom was in the Army, they think women in non-traditional roles is normal. They have never understood why sexual identities is such hard issue. They have always "known" that gender is not linear or binary. They will celebrate when marijuana becomes legal in our state, and they may be alive when that happens; I however might not be. They are so much more aware of what the government is doing than I was at the same age. I don't know what I did to raise these awesome people, but OMG I did really good.


They have longer to live.

With the world they will inherit I have no envy on that point.

  • I think there is less corporal punishment of children.
  • Communication is much faster, easier and cheaper, thanks to technology
  • There is more free time, thanks to technology
  • Knowledge and information is much more accessible, thanks to technology

More free time b/c of tech. There are probably a few milion displaced workers working 2 jobs trying to maintain the standard of living they had from 1job.


I'm thinking .........

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