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LINK Trump calls congressman Adam Schiff 'little Adam Schitt' in tweet

I think Schiff's response was about perfect, minimal reaction. One of them has style and it isn't the bad hair dude.

HippieChick58 9 Nov 18

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Wasn't he just on TV ranting about "decorum" you think anyone actually told him what that meant?


Just think of all the fun the world will have when dunderhead is out of office. And he can't do a thing about it. He would just have to suck everything up.

That thought keeps me going.

@HippieChick58 I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said "Throw the Trumpster into the dumpster."

@JackPedigo I love that!!

@HippieChick58 I should ask the guy that has it where he got it.

@JackPedigo yes, please do!! I'd even consider putting that on my car.


A new low. The lowest low since ... since ... oh. Yesterday.


He is a total POS.

and he has diarrhea of the mouth


Somebody needs to take him out behind the White House and simply kick his ass, I volunteer.

I'll hold your coat, or beer, or be an alibi.

@HippieChick58 I think the alibi would be the most pressing need. I thank you in advance.


One day closer to impeachment! Keep sending out your stupid tweets you fucking moron!

@Gurahl Pence is a vapid twat...

@Gurahl Yes... I get it... The vapid twat! Unless he gets caught up in the scene too!

@Gurahl I'm so glad you liked it! Do you need a tissue?

@Gurahl Hey now... There you go cupcake! Good for you! So you didn't need the tissue after all? If I knew you better I'd buy you a book on how to better insult people on the Internet. You are a little lacking there!

Truth be told I have voted Republican far more than Democrat in my life. I vote for who I feel the country needs (or city, town, state) over what my needs may be. I don't vote for who will give me a tax cut or a meal ticket. I did not vote for the Chump (obviously). His administration is a disaster any way one looks at it. Yes... I am passionate in my hatred for this one man. I wish him a massive, painful coronary every night!

@Gurahl I think you are the one confusing emotion with thought. I challenge you to find one single post that I made insulting you. There are none. Even after you attacked me. You did all the insulting here while I was just venting about the current administration. Did I insult Trump and Pence? YES! And I will go on doing so!

@Gurahl Whatever you say sport! I guess you need that tissue after all!


I'm sure that he'll refute he did it on purpose. You know, like "Why would(n't) it be the Russians"?


Such a ''diplomat''.....

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