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How do I use this?

New here.. kinda confused, getting used to this.. ok never mind got it

Raythelastjedi 4 Feb 10

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Fast learner I see. Welcome here.

Thanks for the welcome visit!


I think you're beginning to get the hang of it lol

Learning as I go along haha


1st, insert peg A into slot B...oh, got this!

Sounds easy enough haha




Prove to us there is or is not a god.


The answer is within if you feel there is a God or not or whatever you call is God it's whatever you think


Having fun yet? They're treating me okay. So you should do fine.

I'm having a lot of fun haha


There is a FAQ link at the bottom of the page, which you can click on, then find links to fill out your profile, make icons, use the website, etc.

Very helpful thank you


Sounds like you're describing a sex act or you've written the greatest short Sherlock Holmes story ever.


Go to the info page. It will help you figure things out. Or ask...

Sounds good thank you


Just thrash around, press buttons. It is very forgiving and there are always the edit/delete buttons on each post. Welcome!

^^^ Anne pretty much nailed it right there.

good image

Sounds about right to me!

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