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Have you ever stopped reading a book, listening to a song, or watching a show because it added religion into the mix?

As I read informational books, sometimes authors like to throw religion in where it doesn't belong. Recently, I was reading a book about Blue Zones... where people are happiest. I stopped reading when I got to a certain bit of advice...

People may be happiest when they go to church, but I didn't like this advice that said if you don't go to church, you should try out different places of worship. This bothered me, as I don't believe it is necessarily the religion that is helping people. It's the community. I think you could get the same benefit in places other than church.

It's not just this book. I was disappointed in one copy of the Tao te Ching that my husband gave me. He didn't know it when he bought it... but for some reason, the author decided to add some Jesus and church stuff in the beginning of the book. It absolutely did not belong in that book-- as it is unrelated to the original content. That book got returned and I found a different translation. I was incredibly irritated, because anyone reading it for the first time would probably be mislead into thinking there was a relationship between the Tao and Christianity.

Have you experienced this in books, movies, music-- in a way that caused you to totally disregard the work?

silvereyes 8 Feb 10

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News Programs, Political Pontifications, Newspapers. Sporting events. It's everywhere . I would guess that much art, books and music are the most sheltered......

Heck look at the way meat is imposed on us for every meal through the media
Sugar for every fricking holiday. Pounds of it.

A new Car! OK.....I'm done now. It's just Innocent Propaganda. Societal Impact of Thoughtlessness.....It'll go away ( no it won't)

twill Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

No, not unless the inclusion is overly preachy or obnoxios. Then again, I would never deliberately start reading anything like the "Left Behind" religious propaganda series or any "science" book that came from Answers in Genesis.

On the other hand, book titles can be misleading, such as Gershom Goreenberg's excellent 2000 release, The End of Days. With a title like that, you might expect it to be a favorite in your local religious book store, but instead it's quite an eye-opening look at the dangers of fundamentalism of all stripes, especially as it relates to prophecies concerning the Temple Mount and the deadly serious intentions of true believers of the three main Abrahamic religions in which those prophecies are embedded.

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