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QUESTION American found with weapons in Uganda - Daily Nation

They create war and then denounce refugees. Let's see how the criminal regime in Kampala deals with him.

Humanlove 7 Feb 10

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A much better article that gives an account of what was found and has several more photos than most articles. He's just a run of the mill spousal abuser and nut, not an international arms dealer.


d_day Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

Americans and their guns! So what was he planning with that arsenal? And, it looks as if he had a fedish...who know? Surely the fool wasn't there to 'start' something?

More likely he was looking for prospective buyers.

After reading an inventory of what was found, I'd hardly call it an arsenal. "US Army uniforms, 153 knives, boxes of ammunition, body armour." Judging from the photos included in several articles the ammunition totaled 123 rounds of rifle ammo, and around 30 rounds of .38 special. This isn't enough for a single gang fight let alone a private war.

@d_day I guess that sounds right to me... shows my ignorance about the military and guns and ammo! I was trying to be 'flipped'...not authoritive, since I know nothing, other than what I have read about, either...but haven't we had some serious massacres with this many knives, guns and ammo?

@Freedompath None of the articles I've read mention any guns found, with the exception of one very poorly written article that said they found "M13 riffles." I am not aware of any rifle designated as M13, and searching Google comes up empty for that as well.

@d_day... we must work so hard separating 'fake news' and our own limited knowledge, in order to get to the bottom of could all be a 'mountain out of a mole hill?'

@Freedompath I hate to call this one of those situations. Domestic violence is inexcusable, period, and whether or not this guy is a warlord is irrelevant to that fact. This woman moved from the US to Africa to escape this guy and he still followed and found her. I hope he rots.

@d_day I missed the back story...i did not know that! Tormented people need to be separated from weapons...I know that from experience!


He would sell them in the black market, right? An arms dealer? Why would anyone risk receiving stolen army supplies - except if there's a monetary profit to it.

You are right, people like him fund the create market for their guns.

Who's to say it was stolen? Photos of the items from several articles show nothing that isn't available to civilians at military surplus stores. None of the ammunition shown was of military origin. The vast majority (if not all) of the knives he had may have been military style, but were made for the civilian market.


I hope he is dealt with by their laws.

gearl Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

Corruption courts may not prosecute him..thanks to his colour of his skin.


One is forced to wonder what motivated him to do something that stupid.

People like him create wars that crops up daily in Africa.

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