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LINK Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy - YouTube

This is worth watching. To those of us who are Fox watching supporters, I mean no disrespect but I need to ask, does this concern you? Do you not see the problem with Fox News in this clip on climate change with Bill Nye?

By paul1967
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I love how when Fucker Carlson is listening to somebody, he leaves his mouth hanging open like a dumbass.

Dyl1983 Level 5 Jan 31, 2019

Tucker is all that is wrong with Fox Nuuz. I can't watch this tool. That goes for you to Sean Hannity. 🖕

Winkman1972 Level 5 Dec 1, 2018

tucker carlson is rude, immature and a bully.

silverotter11 Level 8 Nov 30, 2018

15 year old me keeps telling me to punch Tucker in the face!

lee_man Level 6 Nov 30, 2018

It's wrong, but it feels so right. I blame faith for this type of (I can't even think of what it is, I wanted to say thinking, but it's the opposite of thinking) mental disorganized rejection. (Best I could do.)

@paul1967 It is all about money. I guarantee you this dick doesn't believe half the shit that comes out of his mouth. As the right got goofier and goofier, all of these guys had to get goofier to keep that audience. Limbaugh did the same thing.


Carlson is a joke. He does not shut his yap long enough to get an answer. When he gets an answer he then plays his narcissistic game and tries to make the person being interviewed as an idiot. He failed miserably. I am not a huge fan of Nye, but he is way more qualified than Carlson to make the case on climate change.

Ceaselessmind Level 7 Nov 28, 2018

He truly is a joke. Rude, belligerent. I listen to Rush every once in a while...a few minutes is all I can take . He can't even shut up and let his ditto heads speak...(unless it's a rant about their everyday complaints.) He has to give the answers for them also This Carlson guy seems to be about on the same level.


This is what the RWNJ media does. This is bullying. This asshole lies, creats a false narrative corners and honest man with lie after lie and won't even allow him to speak. This is bullying. You rwnj never rest. You are defeated in a court of law andthen you go home and begin a new angle of attack. Never do you say well we lost we were being. This is standard rwnj religious assholery. Anyone who watches Fox news deserves the ignorance you have accepted as your own. Go away . Go back to SHTF ,redstate ,4 Chan where you can be with your fellow idiots.move to Russia or n Korea where you will be so happy .

Maindawg Level 7 Nov 28, 2018

I like your passion, and forgive my ignorance, but what does RWNJ and SHTF stand for?

RWNJ = Right Wing Nut Job

Based on the other examples, redstate and 4Chan, I'm assuming SHTF is a website where a lot of extreme conservatives or Trump supporters congregate. Or it stands for "when Shit Hits The Fan" and might refer to doomsday preppers/survivalists

I remember 30 years ago when my great grandparents used to listen to AM radio. It was sort of quaint and weird, and you understood where they got some of their nuttier ideas. (I remember them listening to Paul Harvey, some weird Christian talk, and Rush Limbaugh whenever it was he started.) Now the nutty ideas are turned up to 11 and on tv 24/7. If they hadn't died decades ago, I think Fox News would have killed my great grandparents with fear, anger, or a combination thereof.

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