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Anyone out there with Borderline Personality Disorder?

This sucks! My mind will not shut up. I swear it takes a thought and runs with it like a mouse in a maze with no exits. I apologize to everyone in advance for Mr Hyde should he find his way to the surface. I am hurting right now but I never know if it is just the way my mind twists things or if it is legit. Going to go cry a lot and sleep a lot and return when my mind finds balance. Over and out.

Dida 7 Feb 11

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Been tested several times myself. I gave up trying to feel guilty about being different.


nah, I am just nuts, I don't believe in normal so to me everybody has a disorder. My mind (s) also never shut up, has always been the case, I do over think things, and argue with myself. To be honest, I like it.


I have to say Trump.But it's not borderline. It's full blown psychotic.


Try some tedious tasks. Drawing, coloring, cutting coupons or even cutting scraps of paper into confetti.


I'm medicated for BPD and bipolar disorder. I have my good days and bad days.

@Dida same as goes for you. I'm always here.


Have you tried a very small amount of very good cannabis?

@Dida maybe cut back then. Some of this new stuff is super strong (I hear). I like to go outside and just walk. The rhythm helps.

@Dida that's a great idea. I have a cat. It's not the same, but he's a good cat anyhow.

@Dida I've got a lot of family in Cheeseland. My grandfather lived on Winnebago. I spent lots of summer vacations at lake poygon and Boulder lake

@Dida Midnight has some white patches, but he hides them.


I'm sorry if I'm overstepping, but have you tried dialectic behavior therapy (DBT)?

It takes time, and it won't be easy, but I think that it can be very helpful. Good luck!@Dida

My pleasure. @Dida


I'm sorry if I'm overstepping, but have you tried dialectic behavior therapy (DBT)?


My ex-S.O. was diagnosed with BPD. I loved her so. Her BPD tore us apart. I wish her well and wish for her happiness.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

Dida, I wish you luck in your endeavor. To love and be loved is a great gift and a gift everyone should enjoy, even if it's self-love.


I don't like the meds I'm on , but they are a whole lot better than the stuff I was on over 20 years ago . Most of them are derived from snakeroot , then they extract the byproducts from it to hamper the side effects . Like I said , I don't really like having to take meds , but I prefer them over the voices that have never gone away , they just mello a little 😐 Big difference though , & Seroquel XR is the best I've ever been prescribed , but I'm not so sure about the generic version though . . . ?

Dougy Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

@Dida The meds do not close them out , they just help me to persevere & cope with what cannot be cured . When they do not seem to matter as much , they loose the desire to be present , & find something else to do , or someplace else to go . They always have been here , & they always will I suppose . . . As far as Nick goes , I also like transmen , that are stuck in a woman's body , I love to stroke their masculine ego 😀


My late wife was I believe.

I’m sorry to say that life was far less complicated after she passed, not that I wanted her to pass. @Dida

You give me more credit than I deserve. She was truly unbalanced. I tried to keep us all together despite her spending habits, refusal to work, obsessive behavior, self indulgence, chaotic thinking, histrionic personal relationship...... eventually she did something that ruptured the family irreparably. I had to call the police and have her removed. It took two years after that before everything caught up to her. It was truly sad. I had no love for her in the end but I had no desire to see her so bereft of everything. @Dida


My last S.O. had a daughter with said affliction. Sweetest, cutest, smartest young woman you could ever want to meet; until the switch flipped. Usually, it was triggered by alcohol. You did not want to be anywhere near her when that happened.

I wish you did not have to deal with that, I know how it can affect you and others.

@Dida that's a healthy outlook.

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