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QUESTION Richard Dawkins: religion should be offended at every opportunity

Sam Harris simply destroys Christianity YouTube video at the end is great. Christopher Hitchens & Richard Dawkins – We’d be better off without religion & Richard Dawkins on Islam, Jews, science and the burka are also great video's

Scorpio_gurl 6 Feb 11

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Religion is inherently insular and xenophobic, Dawkins is right.


Maybe the religious people should understand that they offend us? Every time, those people will reserve rights for themselves and in the next breath deny us those very same rights. Interesting.


I think there is a difference between offending a religion and offending individuals intentionally. The religions are the appalling institutions, and theology and practices. Affronting these should be habit with serious nonbelievers. Now if believers get offended by that, well that's too bad, but they as individuals are not being targeted. You see what I mean. I've done this myself. I have said things to a Catholic like: "You seem like a nice person. But your church has an appalling history, it is responsible for unspeakable crimes, thwarting humanity and progress, its theology is absurd, its notion history is a joke, and it continues to impose policies especially in the third world that are outrageous. Sorry, but that's my view." Now, they won't agree, but I'm not attacking them personally. If they are offended, then that's their problem;

I am much more blunt: " you seem like a nice person let's work together and jail both living popes until every rapist priest confession is made public and jail them too


I sympathise with Dawkins and of course he is just trying to make people understand the truth and not perpetuate lies. But I don't like his confrontational and often rude or mocking attitude to people of faith because, while it might make good TV ratings, I don't think it does any good when it comes to convincing religious people to think seriously about science. I am guessing that he has made a good living though on the college debating circuit and from his books (which are a very good read) so in part I think he is acting "in character" because it serves his career.

Ironically, Dawkins uses the same techniques those he is against uses: they both know that rationality is not enough to sway the masses so they resort to "fire and brimstone" emotionality. 😉

Funny how the more Dawkins and Hitchens try to attack their enemy they start to behave exactly like their enemy. 😛


That may be, but in America everyone is guaranteed freedom of religion, without persecution.

Attacking people over their beliefs sounds like a great way to radicalize youth, but befriending them, and treating them with respect might give them the courage to question their family religious traditions.
It certainly did with me, after I noticed it was my nonbelieving friends who were the kind, accepting ones.


Isn’t it already?

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