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LINK Quiz: How wild are you in the bedroom? Click the link to take the quiz.

I got pretty damn vanilla. I better start dating some chicks or something.

UrsiMajor 8 Dec 1

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Not much of a fan of latex or sex with guys but I'm a big fan of doing her in front of others and having others doing her in front of me. ?

Oh my. my...

how about leather? it said latex or leather... a leather corset, leather harness? leather collar? nothing leather? c'mon!

I have a nice leather coat, does that count?

@Anonbene oh baby...yes, it counts! The smell of leather, the feel of leather, the texture of leather...mmm...see? sexy and kinky...I knew you had it in you...ha ha ha


Not kinky at all ..... really? were you there with the Black forest cake and welding mask incident. Were you at the hotel in the bathroom? no, no you weren't, stupid test. I'm damn kinky enough thank you very much.

what she said... Wait, welding accident?

You got a different test than me, I had no cake, welding masks, or hotel bathrooms in the test they gave me


@UrsiMajor We love you vanilla, you just may need some chocolate syrup, marshmallow cream and some sprinkles to add some spice to life

I like all of that stuff, I'm just a one soda fountain kind of girl.... Brand loyalty...

@UrsiMajor My mother was a soda jerk back in her day


Kinky and Proud
If there was a kinky scale, you'd be a 7 out of 10. There's just so much that you love and appreciate about being a cheeky, knowledgeable and adept lover. In fact, you're so great at what you do, that you could teach people a thing or two. So keep flying your kinky flag high. You may get a lot more lovers than you already have.


Kinky and proud, duh...


I didn't need the quiz to know I'm kinky and proud. Lol


I think my French style is neither wild nor vanilla. to everything she wants and satisfied mostly satisfying her....if she surprises me I am deeper in heaven


I got "Kinky and Proud."


Who's shocked by this? ?


Not a good quiz at all.

Why are you vanilla too? Two scoops are better than one.

@UrsiMajor It ranked me not kinky at all. Pfffft. Far from correct.

@bingst Vanilla is in the eye of the beholder... We're not vanilla, we're almond milk.. Yeah I'm going to take the vegan option here.


Yikes, maybe just hang out with me?

I guess you can be the leader of our "Sex in the City" chats. I'll take notes.

@UrsiMajor Until recently, I thought I was boring.

@Donotbelieve Until joining this website and meeting you fine people, I thought I was kind of a harlot...

@UrsiMajor Bahaha, my, how the tables have turned!

@Donotbelieve Why is someone having sex under the table and didn't invite me? Bummer...

@UrsiMajor If you noticed it, you're invited.
Come on down!

@Donotbelieve Down.. Down.. Down...

@Lutherzme yup


Kinky and proud apparently. Thought I was pretty average.

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