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QUESTION She pointed a gun at police and asked to die; they used drones to intercede instead - The Washington Post

So often we hear about drones being used in the military to kill people. Here's a story about how they are being used by the police to save lives.

BookDeath 8 Feb 12

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Like @Holyhellkel I assumed she was white but I am just happy the cops didn't resort to deadly force right away. Plenty of other police forces around the world don't start shooting right away when a suspect is armed.

Salt lake city started new training aimed at de-escalating situations and ita been successful so far. I hope more cops get onboard. I'm sick of being afraid of cops and I'm sick of watching black people massacred.


It's about time cops in the US started using their resources constructively.


I assume she was white.


Thank heavens, the police have come up with alternative to their, 'I feared for my life,' line! But, I just remembered that those drones can be outfitted with weapons! What next?

As I understand it, police training procedure dictates that if a person points a gun at them they are supposed to react with deadly force (that is, shoot until there is no longer a threat). Looking for alternatives once a gun is pointed strikes me as generally unrealistic and fool-hardy inasmuch as it could result in dead police officers.

@dahermit i'm disgusted at the whole process...I have personal experience, with police when I had a depression breakdown and the help hot line, sent the police and hauled me off to hospital, where all test came out negative...when I wasn't clear about my rights! One of those officers, had to be shot by our sheriff, after he killed his exwife and her manfriend and was about to kill his own daughter!! Female neighbor became an officer, she told us, we would feel safer here, now that she was an officer, neighbors said they felt less safe, knowing that this person now carried a gun! Just 25 years ago, we hardly ever heard of police or a citizen shooting the police! Since last year, there has been nearly 1200 people (my last ck)shot by police! Something needs to many people dying because of fear...that is a natural human emotion, not criminal really bothers me!


I run a drone business, so this is a cool headline to share with my peers. Thanks...


That's a good use of drones.

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