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QUESTION GOP leader flunks test on separation of church and state | MSNBC

I doubt many here are all that surprised about this...

By snytiger6
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There is no mandate that any politician has to even heard of the constitution or have any understanding of our government at all to be elected.

DavidLaDeau Level 7 Feb 14, 2018

Sadly, that is true. Politicians who are wholly unqualified can be elected. Just look at who is president.


Imagine that. These fools interpret the bibble to fit their agenda so why wouldn't they do the same with history and the constitution ?

Krowmagnum Level 4 Feb 13, 2018

When is there going to be a real Republican party again? We need viable competition. Has everyone over there drunk the koolade?

GoldenMean Level 6 Feb 12, 2018

Doesn’t surprise me.

ChrisJones Level 6 Feb 12, 2018

Hey, whatever wins he rubes' votes. None of these jackals gives a crap about religion. Hell, they are all having affairs or they are closet cases or they are kid-touchers.

koshkamat Level 5 Feb 12, 2018

I tend to agree that those who are the loudest and most moralistic are usually hiding something which they are trying to keep from becoming public knowledge.


When religion is used as it is as a means to measure a politicians acceptance to represent, they all fail. It's quite hard for a Muslim to get elected to an office. Voicing publicly you're an atheist, is probably a death sentence in even more areas of the country. The false narrative this country was founded on christianity was a movement started shortly after the great depression. It was started to draw in a certain voter and type of people to bring a certain party back to power. I don't believe I need to mention that party. And it worked, sadly. And every politician makes it a point to get elected and stay elected. And most ignore their hypocrisies they commit of an almost daily basis.

William_Mary Level 7 Feb 12, 2018

Sad, but true...it makes me barf when I see the President trotting off to church. (Does Cheeto do this? I haven't seen it maybe he's afraid his 'hair' will catch on fire? )

@koshkamat I'm leaning towards his church being the golf course.


Scalese is typical of too damned many Republican politicians: Glibly roll patriotism, history, religion and political ideology together. It does not matter if it is accurate or true. A lot of uncritical and unreasoning people are going to buy it.

wordywalt Level 8 Feb 12, 2018

The press or media is no help anymore. They will report what peopel say, but no longer investigete to find out if what was said is actually true or not.

@snytiger6 Absp;utelu right. We badly need a free press with moral balls and with the financial support to do real investigative journalism.

@wordywalt The problem with the press and media is that we no longer enforce the laws against monopolies and trusts. Teh media has consolidated to where there are just 6 mega-corporations that provide 95% of all the news. That is not enough competition to keep it honest. They need to be broken up.


I'm not surprised.

jayneonacobb Level 7 Feb 12, 2018


KKGator Level 9 Feb 12, 2018
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