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So me or you?

You're in a room with a stranger. A man walks in with a gun. Neither of you can escape this man. The man looks at you and asks "which one of you will die?" You have to make the decision and only you. There are only two choices. This time don't make up your own third choice. So who do you pick and why?

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SonderOpia 8 Feb 12

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OK, rebooting. The honest, calm, thought out answer is me.

The real life all of a sudden answer is I don't know. I don't think any of us know how we will act in an emergency situation.


And by them I really mean the a*hole with the gun! How could you trust he was telling the truth to begin with? I'd try to take him out, & hope the other guy there would see the advantage in trying, too! I won't be intimidated & I won't be pushed into a shitty choice, I'll make my own choice & hope I f8k him up!

LOL, I used double *'s for 2 words & got italics thru most of that post!

@phxbillcee what if the other person is a child? Since we're playing the what if game. What if the other person is a pregnant woman? What if the other person is an elderly person? What if the other person has no arms or no legs? What if the other person is a paraplegic or quadriplegic? What if the person holding the gun is way bigger than you and has two guns and is going to shoot you in the face if you even budge? And why are you censoring your words? I'm a grown woman and these are grown people we can say dirty words like asshole. And if you're going to be on my post you need to answer my shitty questions if you don't like my shitty questions then go somewhere else and make your own shitty Post. That is all for today.

@SonderOpia Whoa! Because I edited my, not your, words, I get this?!? Fine, bye!

@phxbillcee bye bye. Hugs and kisses.


I love how innocent everybody is. How willing to give up your lives for a stranger you've never even met or know nothing about. You're all such Heroes and so brave. You're all so full of shit. It be nice if somebody would at least be honest if not with me at least with yourself. I guarantee I'd be pointing the finger at all of you.

@SACatWalker I don't understand. I don't understand why you would not leave something online because at the end of the day no one really gives a shit as you can see by my posts. And number two I have tons of friends so I don't worry about making new ones online. You either like me or you don't like me I'll be fine if you don't. And by the way I do like you on here you seem to be really cool and you answer honestly and you're not a douchebag. And I thank you for that.


I would duck and charge the boy with a gun probably scared of any resistance and tackle the scum, grab his gun and shove it into his mouth and pull the trigger then use additional bullets to destroy his genitals and face making any funeral for this excuse of primate flesh a ugly bunch of goo

Cool story bro.

@SonderOpia chances are Allah AK Bar have the gun fantasies including 72 virgins awaiting their suicidal gonads

@GreenAtheist I believe that you would be the one to point the finger at the other person. You talk so much crap about how stupid this is and how you would do this and that but in the end I think that you would point at the other person so fast it would make their head spin. If you don't like my post why are you following me in the first place? And why do you even think you need to comment? Do I go to your post and write crappy comments about the crappy things you post? Maybe I should start doing that. Oh wait I don't want to do that because that's a crappy thing to do. I just overlooked things that I don't like. Or if I go to someone's post I answer the question the best I can no matter if it's a fantasy question or a sexual question or a silly question or political question. Because I'm not a douchebag.

@SonderOpia I am a US NAVY veteran genuinely posting how I was trained to respond to deadly situations. ....why are you so negative and crappy to me. ? Only a douche controls and degrades others. ...I uplift and support Atheists here .....I have never sacrificed anyone to save myself and your question is a false cruelty test......I gave my whole life to my two daughters and you are taking on the unbearable attitudes of both their moms who I was forced to divorce. ...grow up and make nice.....feel free to post where ever I post. ...if you're incapable of learning, there is always a wake up call to shake you from your open eyes nightmare pissing upon me here


That's really a ridiculous hypothetical. What is the point of this post?

The point is to make you think. To make you look at who you really are. The point is to make a decision based on what you feel you could or could not do. Could you go on living knowing that you let someone else died so that you could live? Could you allow yourself to be killed to allow a complete stranger to live knowing nothing about them? A lot of us see ourselves as freethinkers, we want to think we are different, more intelligent or that we figured out something others haven't. I guess the question is, when it comes down to it who are we really?

@SonderOpia Do you really believe a question like this will tell you who we are? Bull. I believe 100% of us would choose to live against a total stranger. We are born with the instinct to survive. I still think the question has no value.

& a good part of this is what we imagine we would do intellectually & what we would actually do when the rubber meets the road may be 2 totally different things!

@steve148 you said a hundred percent of us would choose the stranger. That's a statistic you pulled right out of your ass isn't it? What I don't get is if it has no value then why are you here talking about it? Why are you answering? Why are you having a picture of you with your head in an alligator's mouth as your profile picture? Why am I even bothering with you?

@SonderOpia I answered it because its nonsense. and the 100% is an opinion. Why I posted the picture I did is really none of your business. And I'll always comment when someone post something so stupid because they can't think of anything intelligent to say when they're just trying to add points. It's really sad.

@steve148 you can just fuck right off.


Me. My kids are grown. I'm worth more dead than alive. I am not looking forward to getting older. But there better be like a ton of news coverage about how I'm wonderful person and no one asking OK, why were you in a room alone with a beautiful woman.


We all have to go sometime. Might as well get it over with. Plus survivor guilt not a fun way to go through life.


I would choose them to die. As crappy or arrogant as that sounds and as much as I don't believe that someone else's life is worth less than my own. I don't know this person. I want to live. I will do almost anything to survive. I know this is the only life I have and I want to live it as long as I can, no matter what it's like. No matter if it's a good life or a crappy life it's still my life.

Cowards run ....heroic people refuse to sacrifice others ....always choosing victory over evil. ...this is an evil question

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